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- where sb/sth is
1 places
2 where?
3 being or not being in a place
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1 places
- a particular position or area: place, spot
We always go to the same place for our holidays. We found a nice little spot to put up our tent.
- the area near or around sth: surroundings (noun plural)
The school is set in beautiful surroundings.
- an area which is different in some way from those around it: zone
a war zone
- the place where sth happens: scene
the scene of the accident
※ parts of a country or town COUNTRY, TOWN
- parts of the world WORLD
※—† space
- an area which is empty or available for use: space (noun C/U); having a lot of space: spacious
a parking space We need a lot of space to work in. There wasn't enough space on the shelf for all the books. a spacious flat
- enough space: room (noun U)
I couldn't get on the bus - there was no room. Is there any room left in the cupboard or is it full?
- to create more space or room for sb/sth: make* room/space for sb/sth
Can you make room for one more person?

2 where?
- at, in or to a place: where ※€¦
This is where she was born. Where are you going?
- (used when you ask a question and want to show surprise) where: wherever ※€¦
Wherever did you buy that dress?
- at, in, or to the place where you are or live: here
Come here. The people here don't seem very friendly.
- not at, in, or to the place where you are or live: there
She's over there somewhere. 'Do you like Rome?' 'I've never been there.'
- the place where sb/sth is or should be: position, location
The pilot confirmed his position to the air-traffic controllers. The location of the flat is ideal.
- to be in a particular place: be located ※€¦, (formal) be situated ※€¦
The hotel is located just outside the city.
- (used about towns, areas of countryside, etc) to be in a particular place: lie* ※€¦
The village lies six miles south of Bath.
- the place where sb/sth can be found: (formal) whereabouts (with singular or plural verb)
I need to know the exact whereabouts of the people on this list.
※ more on the location of buildings BUILDING
※—† not being definite about a place
- at, in, or to a place that you do not know or name exactly: somewhere (AmE also someplace)
She's going to study somewhere in the States - I can't remember where exactly.
- at, in, or to another place: somewhere else (AmE also someplace else), (formal) elsewhere
We always go to the same restaurant. Let's go somewhere else for a change. If customers aren't happy with the service, they'll go elsewhere.
- at, in, or to any place: anywhere (AmE also anyplace)(usually used in questions and negative statements)
Do you know anywhere where I can get a map of the city? I can't find my keys anywhere.
- in any place, it does not matter where: anywhere
'Where shall I put your book?' 'Oh anywhere will do.'
- at, in, or to any other place: anywhere else (usually used in questions or negative statements)
I only know London - I've never lived anywhere else.
- at, in or to any place: wherever
You can sit wherever you like.
- at, in, or to all places: everywhere, (informal) all over the place
I've tried everywhere, but I can't find a pair of shoes to fit me. We've been all over the place looking for you.
- in every part of sth: all over (sth), throughout sth
He was famous all over the world. The disease had spread throughout the city.
- not in any (particular) place: nowhere
'Where have you been?' 'Nowhere, I've been waiting for you.'
※—† not knowing where you are
- to be in a situation where you do not know where you are or which direction you should be going in: be lost
Oh dear - I think we're lost.
- to become lost: get* lost, lose* your way
You'd better take a map - you don't want to lose your way.
※ finding your way DIRECTION

3 being or not being in a place
- being in a place: presence (noun U); adjective: present
I could feel the presence of somebody else in the room. Who was present at the meeting?
- not being in a place: absence (noun U); adjective: absent
He finally returned to work after a long period of absence. A lot of people were absent from work today - they've all got flu.
- at the place where sth happened: on the spot
Ask Peter about the accident - he was on the spot when it happened.
※—† MORE ...
- a place which is easy to reach is accessible; noun (U): accessibility
We need to go somewhere which is accessible by car.
- a place which is very difficult to reach is inaccessible; noun (U): inaccessibility
The island is inaccessible except by private boat.

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