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see also GAME, SPORT
- a group of people who play a game or sport together against another group: team
- either one of two teams taking part in a game or sport: side
Whose side are you on?
- a person in a team: member
a member of the Irish team two team members
- a position in a team: place
He got a place on the school team.
- a person who is a member of a team is in/on the team, plays for a team
Which team are you on? He plays for England.
- to choose a team, or to choose sb to be in a team: pick sb, select sb
They've finished picking the team - I'm afraid you're not in it. She hasn't been selected.
- to decide not to have sb as a team member any longer: drop sb
She's been dropped from the England team.
- a person who is in the same team as you: team-mate
- the person who leads the team: (team) captain; verb: captain sth
- an extra member of a team who plays if sb is ill or hurt: reserve, substitute
'Are you in the team?' 'I'm just a reserve.'
- to replace one member of a team with another: substitute sb
He was substituted in the second half.
- an occasion of substituting sb: substitution
to make a substitution
- the particular job or place that sb has on a team: position
'What position does he usually play in?' 'Goalkeeper.'
- the way that a team works together: teamwork (noun U)
a display of good teamwork
- the feeling that you should act for the good of the team rather than for yourself: team spirit (noun U)

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