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see also CRIME, LAW
- the official organization whose job is to make sure that people obey the law and to prevent and solve crime: the police (noun plural)
Quick - there's been a burglary. Call the police!
- a member of the police: police officer, policeman (plural policemen), policewoman (plural policewomen), (informal) cop
- all the police officers in a country or area: police force
- a number of police officers: police (noun plural)
How many police were on duty that night?
- the person who controls a police force: chief of police
- (in Britain) the head of a police force in a particular area: Chief Constable
- other ranks of police in Britain (beginning with the most senior): superintendent, inspector, sergeant, (police) constable (abbreviation PC)
- a police officer whose job is to find out about crime: detective
- (in Britain) the police department that tries to find out about crimes: Criminal Investigation Department (abbreviation CID)
- a section of the police force that deals with a particular kind of crime: squad (with singular or plural verb)
the drugs/bomb/fraud squad
- the building where the police work: (police) station
- a room in a police station where prisoners are locked up: cell
- the central office of a police force or other organization: police headquarters (with singular or plural verb)
- the special clothes that police officers wear when they are working: uniform
- when a police officer who is working does not wear a uniform, he/she is in plain clothes; a police officer who does not wear a uniform is a plain-clothes police officer
※—† the work that the police do
- to keep control in a place by using the police or a similar official group: police sth
The country needs more officers to police the streets of Britain effectively.
- to try to stop people committing crimes: fight* crime, enforce the law
- when a police officer is working, he/she is on duty
- to go around a town, building, etc to make sure nothing is wrong: patrol (sth); doing this: on patrol
PC Skinner was patrolling the area as usual when he heard a shot. to be out on patrol
- a group of police who go around the streets to make sure that there is no trouble: patrol
- to go with sb to protect them or prevent them from escaping: escort sb; the person who is being escorted is under escort
The prisoner arrived at the court under escort.
- a person or group of people who escort sb: escort
a police escort
- if you want to call the police by telephone, you dial 999 (in the UK), dial 911 (in the US)
- to ask or tell the police, firemen, etc to go somewhere: call sb out
PC Jones has just been called out to a bank robbery.

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