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1 making an effort to do sth
2 testing sth

1 making an effort to do sth
- to do what you can to achieve sth: try (to do sth), (informal) try and do sth
How do you know you can't make a cake if you haven't even tried? I tried to lift the box, but I wasn't strong enough. Try and be on time tonight, won't you?
- to try to do sth which is difficult: attempt (to do) sth
Are you really going to attempt that drive in these icy conditions?
- to do sth in order to find out if you can do it: (informal) have a go/shot (at sth), (informal) try your hand at sth
I think I'm going to have a go at skiing this winter.
- an occasion when you make an effort to do sth: try, attempt
Good try! Better luck next time! That was a rather poor attempt!
- to manage to do what you want or are trying to do: succeed (in sth/doing sth); opposite: fail (in sth), fail to do sth
I finally succeeded in making him smile! Unfortunately we failed in our attempt to revive the patient.
- to stop trying to do sth: give* up
I give up. What's the answer?
※ more on succeeding and failing SUCCEED/FAIL
※—† trying hard
- to make a great effort to do sth: try hard (to do sth)
- to try very hard to do sth: make* an (all-out) effort (to do sth), go* to a lot of trouble to do sth, (informal) go* all out (for sth/to do sth)
You'll never succeed in your ambitions if you don't make an effort. They were so kind - they went to a lot of trouble to ensure that we were happy and comfortable.
- to try very hard to do sth, even when others are trying to stop you: fight* (for sth/to do sth), struggle (for sth/to do sth); nouns: fight, struggle
to fight for freedom the struggle for democracy
- to do sth as well as you possibly can: do* your best (to do sth), do* sth to the best of your ability, try your best/hardest (to do sth)
I didn't win, but at least I know I did my best. Just do it to the best of your ability - I'll understand if it's not perfect.

2 testing sth
- to do sth in order to see if it helps you to deal with a problem: try sth, try doing sth
Have you tried this new kind of tin-opener? Have you still got a headache? Try taking another aspirin.
- to see if sth works or is all right by using it: try sth out (on sb)
Can I try my new card trick out on you?
- to use or test sth in order to find out if you like it: try sth, sample sth
Would you like to sample some of our cheeses?
- if sth has been used by many people and has always been successful, it is well-tried
a well-tried method
- if nobody has used sth yet, it is untried
This solution is as yet untried, but we are confident that it will be successful.
- to try, use or examine sth in order to find out if it is working properly or how good it is: test sth
It was tested before it left the factory, so it should work.
- an occasion when you test sth: test, trial
We did a test to find out everybody's level of English. These new drugs have been through careful trials.
- trying different ways of doing sth until you find the best one: trial and error
We found the answer by trial and error.
- a scientific test that is done in order to prove sth or to learn sth new: experiment
experiments on heat-resistant materials
※ more on experiments STUDY

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