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cop·per [copper coppers] BrE [ˈkɒpə(r)] NAmE [ˈkɑːpər] noun
1. uncountable (symb. Cu)a chemical element. Copper is a soft reddish-brown metal used for making electric wires, pipes and coins
a copper mine
copper pipes
copper-coloured hair
2. coppersplural (BrE)brown coins that do not have much value
I only paid a few coppers for it.
3. countable (BrE, informal)a police officer

Word Origin:
senses 1 to 2 Old English copor coper Dutch koper German Kupfer late Latin cuprum Latin cyprium aes ‘Cyprus metal’ sense 3 mid 19th cent. ↑cop-er

Example Bank:
Her hair shone like burnished copper.
She works mainly in copper.
copper alloyed with arsenic
Apparently, her dad's a copper.
There are a couple of coppers waiting outside.

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