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- an adult male person: man (plural men), (informal) guy, (informal) fellow, (BrE informal) bloke, (BrE informal) chap
He's a nice guy. This evening I met a bloke in the pub who said he knew your sister.
- a young adult male: young man, (often used to express a bad opinion of sb) youth
Three youths were arrested by the police after the fight.
- what you call a man when you talk to him: (formal) sir
- a person who has the physical characteristics of a man or boy is male; noun: male
the male sex Males tend to die younger than females.
- a person who is like a man is expected to be, either physically or in his behaviour, is masculine, manly; nouns (U): masculinity, manliness; very masculine in an aggressive way: macho
masculine behaviour a manly physique
- a man whose behaviour is typically like a woman's is effeminate
※—† titles before a man's name
- used as a title before a man's name: Mr
Mr R C Bright Can I see you for a minute, Mr Smith?
- the title for sb who is a doctor: Dr (short for Doctor)
Let me introduce you to Dr Clark.
- the title for sb who has been given a high British honour: Sir
Sir John Gielgud
- the title for sb who is a lord: Lord
Lord Olivier
※—† men in relationships
- the person that a woman is married to: husband
- the person that sb lives with, as if they were married: partner
- a man who has formally promised to marry a woman is her fiancé
- a man with whom sb has a romantic and/or sexual relationship: boyfriend
- a man or woman who is having a sexual relationship with sb, outside marriage: lover
She has had numerous lovers.
- not married: single, unmarried
- a man who is not married is sometimes called a bachelor
- a man whose wife has died: widower
- a man who is sexually attracted to other men: gay, homosexual; adjectives: gay, homosexual
a campaign to stop discrimination against homosexuals gay men
※ love, sex and marriage LOVE, SEX, MARRY

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