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1 beds
2 the things on a bed
3 bedrooms
4 going to bed and getting up
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1 beds
- a piece of furniture that you lie on when you sleep: bed
- a bed for one person: single bed
- a bed for two people: double bed
- a pair of single beds: twin beds
- a pair of beds built one on top of the other: bunk beds
- a bed for a baby: cot (AmE crib)
- a bed that can be folded up: camp bed (AmE cot)
- a sofa that you can make into a bed: sofa bed
- the top end of a bed is its head
- the bottom end of a bed is its foot
He was standing at the foot of the bed.
- the area that is next to a bed is the bedside
She sat at his bedside all night long.
- a train with beds: sleeper; a railway coach which has beds: sleeping car
the overnight sleeper from London to Inverness
- a sleeping place on a train, ship, etc: berth
a cabin with four berths a top berth
- a bed which is built into the wall, for example on a train or ship: bunk
- a bed made of canvas or strong net, which is hung up at both ends: hammock
- a large, soft bag that you use for sleeping in when you go camping, etc: sleeping bag

2 the things on a bed
- a cover for a pillow: pillowcase
- the sheet that goes on top of you: top sheet; the sheet that goes underneath you: bottom sheet
- a large piece of material (often made of wool) which keeps you warm in bed: blanket
- a thick cover that is filled with warm material, for example feathers: duvet, quilt (AmE comforter)
- a cover for a duvet or a quilt: duvet/quilt cover
- an attractive cover for a bed that you put on top of sheets and blankets: bedspread
- a general word for the sheets, blankets, etc on a bed: bedclothes (noun plural)
She pulled the bedclothes off him and said: 'Get up!'
- a blanket which is heated by electricity: electric blanket
- a rubber container that is filled with hot water and put in a bed to warm it: hot-water bottle
※—† making a bed
- when you tidy the bedclothes on a bed after sleeping in it, you make* the bed
The children all had to make their own beds.
- if the bedclothes are untidy after a bed has been slept in, the bed is unmade
- when you replace bedclothes with clean ones, you change them or change the bed
The chambermaid in the hotel changes the sheets every day. We usually change the beds once a week.

3 bedrooms
- a room which is used for sleeping in: bedroom
a double bedroom
- a large bedroom with a number of beds in it, especially in a school, etc: dormitory
the girls' dormitory
- a hospital room with beds in it: ward
the children's ward
※ bedrooms in hotels HOTEL
※—† the furniture in a bedroom
- a small table which is kept beside the bed: bedside table

4 going to bed and getting up
※—† going to bed
- when you decide to rest in a bed, usually for the night, you go* to bed
Last night I went to bed early.
- when you lie down on a bed, under the covers, you get* into bed
I fell asleep as soon as I got into bed.
- when you are lying or sitting under the covers of a bed, you are in bed
The children are already in bed.
- if you help a child to go to bed, you put* them to bed
I'll ring you after putting the children to bed.
- to be in a flat position: lie*
I was lying in bed listening to the radio.
- to get into a lying position: lie* down; to rest on a bed for a short time: have a lie-down
She lay down on the bed and fell asleep.
- to get into a position under a cover that makes you feel safe, warm and comfortable: snuggle down
I snuggled down under the blanket to get warm.
※—† the time that you go to bed
- the time when you usually go to bed is (your) bedtime
I'm too tired to do any more, it's past my bedtime.
- if you go to bed earlier/later than usual, you have an early/late night
I've had three late nights in a row and I' m worn out!
- if you go to bed after your usual bedtime, you stay up
I stayed up to hear the election results.
- if you do not go to bed because you are waiting for a person to come home, you wait up (for them)
Don't wait up - I'll be back very late.
- if a person prevents you from going to bed, they keep* you up
I hope we're not keeping you up?
※—† what people wear in bed
- a soft loose shirt and trousers which men and women wear for sleeping: pyjamas (AmE pajamas)(noun plural); the top part of pyjamas: pyjama top; the bottom part: pyjama trousers/bottoms
a pair of pyjamas He's wearing green pyjama trousers and a red pyjama top from a different pair.
- a loose dress which women wear for sleeping: nightdress, (informal) nightie
- a long shirt that a man or boy wears for sleeping in: nightshirt
※—† getting up
- when you leave your bed after resting, you get* up
What time do you usually get up in the morning?
- after you get up, you are up (and about)
He's usually up and about by 7.30.
- to leave a bed (for any purpose): get* out of bed
I heard a noise and got out of bed to see what it was.
- when you have been in bed, but are not now, you are out of bed
What are you doing out of bed - the doctor said you should stay there!
- if you usually get up early, you are an early riser
- if you stay in bed later than usual, you lie* in, have a lie-in

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