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1. a group of persons together in one place (Freq. 2)
Derivationally related forms:
assemble, gather (for: gathering)
social group
building, carload, contingent, floor, pair,
room, trio, threesome, triad, trinity, turnout,
quartet, quartette, foursome, quintet, quintette, fivesome,
sextet, sextette, sixsome, septet, septette, sevensome,
octet, octette, eightsome, assembly, crowd, multitude,
throng, concourse, audience, community, municipality, cast,
cast of characters, dramatis personae, class, form, grade, course,
year, social gathering, social affair, crew, gang, bunch,
meeting, group meeting, covey, quorum, rally, mass meeting,
commune, convocation, fair, bevy, cortege, retinue,
suite, entourage, camp, muster, rap group, rave-up,
table, wine tasting
2. a system of components assembled together for a particular purpose (Freq. 1)
Derivationally related forms:
assemble, hook up (for: hookup)
3. the social act of assembling (Freq. 1)
- they demanded the right of assembly
assembly, gathering
disassembly (for: assembly)
Derivationally related forms:
gather (for: gathering), assemble
group action
mobilization, mobilisation, convocation, calling together, meeting,
coming together, congregation, congregating, convention, convening, concentration
4. several things grouped together or considered as a whole
collection, aggregation, accumulation
Derivationally related forms:
assemble, accumulate (for: accumulation)
group, grouping
procession, pharmacopoeia, string, wardrobe, population,
universe, armamentarium, art collection, backlog, battery, block,
book, rule book, bottle collection, bunch, lot, caboodle,
coin collection, collage, content, ensemble, tout ensemble, corpus,
crop, tenantry, findings, flagging, flinders, pack,
hand, deal, long suit, herbarium, stamp collection, statuary,
sum, summation, sum total, agglomeration, gimmickry, nuclear club,
pile, heap, mound, agglomerate, cumulation, cumulus,
mass, combination, congregation, hit parade, Judaica, kludge,
library, program library, subroutine library, mythology, biota, biology,
fauna, zoology, petting zoo, set, Victoriana, class,
category, family, job lot, package, bundle, packet,
parcel, defense, defence, defense team, defense lawyers, prosecution,
planting, signage, generally accepted accounting principles, GAAP, pantheon, Free World,
Third World, Europe, Asia, North America, Central America, South America,
Oort cloud, galaxy, extragalactic nebula, fleet, repertoire, repertory,
assortment, mixture, mixed bag, miscellany, miscellanea, variety,
salmagundi, smorgasbord, potpourri, motley, batch, clutch,
rogue's gallery, exhibition, exposition, expo, convoy, traffic,
aviation, air power, vegetation, flora, botany, law,
jurisprudence, menagerie, data, information, ana, mail,
mail, treasure, treasure trove, trinketry, troponymy,
troponomy, smithereens
Instance Hyponyms:
Nag Hammadi, Nag Hammadi Library, Wise Men, Magi

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