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groups of people GROUP
- a large number of people in one place: crowd (with singular or plural verb)
A crowd was beginning to form outside the prison. The crowd were getting violent.
- a very large number of people: crowds (noun plural)
Crowds of people gathered along the roadside. Large crowds are expected for the football match tomorrow.
- a large crowd of people that may become violent and cause trouble: mob
There was an angry mob waiting outside as the prisoners left the court.
- a place which is full of people is crowded, (informal) packed
It was so crowded in there that I could hardly breathe. The bar was packed so we decided to go somewhere else.
- a place where there are too many people is overcrowded; a situation in which there are too many people: overcrowding (noun U)
an overcrowded train/prison/bar Overcrowding is a serious problem in some of the poorer areas of the city.
- a large number of people in a small space: crush, squash, squeeze
There was a terrible crush in the lift. I know it's a bit of a squash but I'm sure you can fit in one more person.
- to put a large number of people in a small place: pack/squash/squeeze sb into, onto, etc sth
They tried to squash as many people as possible onto the bus.
※—† how a crowd forms
- to come together as a group of people: gather, mass
A large crowd gathered near the place where the accident happened. Huge numbers of people massed in the central square.
- to form a crowd around a person or thing: crowd round (sb/sth)
The children crowded round their teacher to hear the results of the competition.
- when people from a crowd begin to move away in different directions, the crowd disperses
※—† how a crowd moves
- a large crowd of moving people: stream of people
Streams of people were coming out of the tube station.
- to go into a place and make it very full: crowd into sth
About fifty people crowded into the room to hear him speak.
- when a large number of people come out of a place all at the same time, they pour out (of it)
The children poured out of the school gates at 3 o'clock.
- to use force to move or try to move sb: push sb (back, away, etc), push (sb), shove (sb)
The police tried to push back the crowd. Fans in the queue were pushing and shoving as they waited to be let in.
- to try to move through a crowd: push your way through (sth)
We'll have to try and push our way through to the front or we won't see anything.
- to move people as if they were animals: herd sb into, onto, etc sth
The prisoners were herded into lorries and taken away.

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