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see also SPORT
- a group of people who meet to share an interest: club, society; the place where a club meets is also called a club
a rowing club a chess club a debating society
- a club for young people, often run by a church or a local authority: youth club
- a person who belongs to a club: member; a person who does not belong to the club: non-member
- all the members together are the membership (noun U)
Club membership has been increasing this year.
- to become a member of a club, etc: join sth
I've decided to join the tennis club.
- being a member of a club: membership (noun U)
Annual membership costs ※£250.
- to stop being a member of a club: leave* (sth), resign (from sth)
- a person that sb invites to their club: guest
- the most senior person who manages a club: president, chairman
- a person who types letters, answers phone calls, organizes meetings, etc in a club: secretary
the secretary of the golf club
- a person who looks after the money that belongs to a club: treasurer
- the group of people who have been chosen to manage a club: committee

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