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a worker who holds or is invested with an office
Derivationally related forms:
function, officialdom (for: official)
skilled worker, trained worker, skilled workman
apparatchik, appointee, bailiff, beadle, bureaucrat,
administrative official, caretaker, censor, census taker, enumerator, church officer,
city father, civil servant, commissar, political commissar, Comptroller General, Comptroller of the Currency,
diplomat, diplomatist, elected official, equerry, fire marshall, fire warden,
forest fire fighter, ranger, hearing examiner, hearing officer, holdover, hangover,
incumbent, officeholder, Inquisitor, invalidator, voider, nullifier,
judge, justice, jurist, licenser, macebearer, mace,
macer, mandarin, notary, notary public, noticer, officer,
agent, federal agent, provincial, postmaster general, proconsul, prosecutor,
public prosecutor, prosecuting officer, prosecuting attorney, quaestor, recruiter, registrar,
record-keeper, recorder, regulator, returning officer, sealer, searcher,
searcher, vote counter, town clerk, usher, doorkeeper,
vizier, weigher

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