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1 letters and parcels
2 addresses and stamps
3 sending sth through the post

1 letters and parcels
- a written message that you send to sb: letter
- a paper cover for a letter: envelope
- a card that you write a message on and send to sb: postcard
- something that is covered with paper and sent through the post: parcel (AmE also package)
- a general term for letters, parcels, etc that you receive: post (noun U), (especially AmE) mail (noun U)
Did we get any post this morning?
※ more on letters and parcels LETTER, PARCEL

2 addresses and stamps
- the number of the house or flat, the name of the street and the name of the town or city in which the person who will receive a letter lives: address
Do you know their address? a change of address
- to write an address on an envelope: address sth (to sb)
Address the envelope to me, and I'll reply with the information you need.
- a group of letters and numbers which you write after the address: postcode (AmE zip code)
'What's his postcode?' 'It's SW1 4NP.'
- a place in a post office where letters are kept until they are collected by the person they have been sent to: PO Box, post office box
Sunshine Holidays, PO Box 25, Leeds, Yorkshire
- the amount of money it costs to send a letter or parcel: postage (noun U)
The postage on this parcel will be quite expensive.
- a small square piece of paper stamp you stick on an envelope in order to show that you have paid for the postage: (postage) stamp
Three stamps for Australia please. a first-class stamp Don't forget to stick/put a stamp on the envelope before you post it!
- the mark that the post office prints over the stamp, showing the date and place where it was posted: postmark
The postmark says it was posted in Manchester on 20 March.

3 sending sth through the post
- the system for sending letters and parcels: post, (especially AmE mail); adjective: postal
a mail van a good postal service
- a place where you go to buy stamps, send letters and use other postal services: post office
- the box in which you put a letter when you send it: postbox, letterbox (AmE mailbox)
- to send a letter using the official post system: send* sth by post; a person who sends a letter: sender
I want to send this by second-class post.
- to put a letter or parcel in a post box: send* sth (off), post sth, (especially AmE) mail sth
If you send it today it should arrive tomorrow. Would you mind posting this letter for me?
- if you have sent sth, but the person has not received it yet, it is in the post
Your cheque's in the post.
- if you receive a letter for sb who lived in the house before you, you can write their new address on the envelope and send* it on, forward it
Could you forward my mail to my new address please?
- if you send your reply to a letter immediately, you send it by return (of post)
Please reply by return of post.
- the system for sending letters and parcels by aeroplane: airmail (noun U); by train and boat: surface mail (noun U)
I'd like to send this by airmail. How long will it take if it goes by surface mail?
- a service which you pay for, where you can receive money if your letter is lost or damaged in the post: registered post (noun U)
I'd like to send this by registered post, please.
- a service which you pay for, where the person who receives your letter must sign a document to say that they have received it: recorded delivery (noun U)
- to take a letter or parcel to the address which is written on it: deliver sth
The postman delivered a huge parcel this morning.
- a man/woman whose job is to deliver letters and parcels: postman/postwoman (plural postmen/postwomen)(AmE mail carrier)
What time does the postman usually come?
- the time when letters are taken out of the postbox: collection
The next collection is at 10 am.
- the time when letters are brought to a place: delivery, post
There's usually a delivery at about 9 am. It came in the second post.
※—† MORE ...
- letters that people receive although they have not asked for them, trying to persuade them to buy things, etc: junk mail (noun U)
- a person who is interested in stamps and makes a hobby of collecting them: stamp-collector, (formal) philatelist
a keen stamp-collector
- the hobby of collecting stamps: stamp collecting (noun U), (formal) philately (noun U)
a book on stamp-collecting
- a book in which a stamp-collector sticks stamps: (stamp) album

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