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I - noun
something used to beautify (Freq. 1)
decoration, ornamentation
Derivationally related forms:
ornamental, decorate (for: decoration)
artifact, artefact
adornment, arabesque, architectural ornament, beading, beadwork,
bow, brass, centerpiece, centrepiece, Christmas tree, cockade,
design, pattern, figure, embellishment, finial, flower arrangement,
floral arrangement, folderal, falderol, frill, gimcrackery, gimcrack,
nonsense, trumpery, gargoyle, garnish, graffito, graffiti,
hanging, wall hanging, hood ornament, incrustation, encrustation, inlay,
interior decoration, decor, knob, pommel, lunula, molding,
moulding, nailhead, necklet, overlay, rosemaling, set decoration,
sgraffito, spiral, volute, sprig, stud, rivet,
rivet, tailfin, fin, tinsel, tracery,
wind chime, wind bell

II - verb
1. make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc. (Freq. 1)
- Decorate the room for the party
- beautify yourself for the special day
decorate, adorn, grace, embellish, beautify
Derivationally related forms:
beautification (for: beautify), beauty (for: beautify), embellishment (for: embellish), ornamentation, grace (for: grace), adornment (for: adorn), decorative (for: decorate), decor (for: decorate), decoration (for: decorate), decorator (for: decorate)
change, alter, modify
wreathe, encrust, incrust, beset, braid,
embroider, broider, stick, illustrate, garland, fledge,
flight, spangle, bespangle, foliate, flag, caparison,
bard, barde, dress up, bead, pipe, applique,
gild the lily, paint the lily, vermiculate, smock, hang, prank,
tinsel, tart up, stucco, redecorate, panel, bejewel,
jewel, fillet, filet, scallop, bedizen, dress ship,
trim, garnish, dress, deck, bedight, bedeck,
festoon, enamel, inlay, lacquer, gild, begild,
engild, illuminate, emblazon, blazon, color, colour,
fringe, fret, landscape
Verb Frames:
- Somebody ----s something
- Something ----s something
2. be an ornament to
- stars ornamented the Christmas tree
Derivationally related forms:
deck, adorn, decorate, grace, embellish, beautify
Verb Group:
decorate, adorn, grace, embellish, beautify
Verb Frames:
- Something ----s something

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