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stop·page [stoppage stoppages] BrE [ˈstɒpɪdʒ] NAmE [ˈstɑːpɪdʒ] noun
1. countable a situation in which people stop working as part of a protest or strike
400 workers were involved in the stoppage.
a two-day stoppage by train drivers
2. countable (sport)an interruption in the game for a particular reason
Play resumed quickly after the stoppage.
stoppage time (= added on at the end of the game if there have been ↑stoppages )
3. countable a situation in which sth does not move forward or is blocked
a stoppage of blood to the heart
4. stoppagesplural (old-fashioned, BrE, formal)an amount of money that an employer takes from people's wages for tax and other payments

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