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Từ điển Việt Anh (Vietnamese English Dictionary)
ngôn ngữ

The Vietnamese language belongs to a language group which was established quite a long time ago in East Asia. However, changes in material conditions over many centuries and the increasing demands of cultural life increased the development of the Vietnamese language, both spoken and written. While adopting many elements of the Chinese language, the Vietnamese people creatively Vietnamized many Chinese words, and they gradually became Han-Viet (Chinese-Vietnamese), incorporated alongside purely Vietnamese words. The Vietnamization was not only applied to the Chinese language however, but also to the French and other languages to create a great, diversified, vital vocabulary for the Vietnamese language

[ngôn ngữ]
tongue; talk; parlance; language
Ngôn ngữ tình yêu / các loài hoa
The language of love/flowers
Nói cùng một ngôn ngữ với nhau
To speak the same language
Anh ngữ là ngôn ngữ quốc tế
English is the international language
Người biết hai/ba ngôn ngữ
Người biết nhiều ngôn ngữ
Linguist; polyglot; multilingual

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