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social class

people having the same social, economic, or educational status (Freq. 5)
- the working class
- an emerging professional class
class, stratum, socio-economic class
Derivationally related forms:
classify (for: class)
world, domain, age class, agriculture, brotherhood,
fraternity, sodality, estate of the realm, estate, the three estates, labor,
labour, working class, proletariat, lower class, underclass, middle class,
bourgeoisie, booboisie, commonalty, commonality, commons, peasantry,
demimonde, underworld, yeomanry, caste, upper class, upper crust,
ninja, firing line, immigrant class, center, old school, market,
craft, trade, womanhood, woman, fair sex
Member Holonyms:
class structure
Part Holonyms:

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