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I. adjective
savage/stinging/vicious/biting satire
a biting satire of the television industry
savage tax increases
a savage warrior
At night, packs of savage dogs roamed the streets.
Daniels was found dead in his apartment, the victim of a savage beating.
Fussell described the war as 'appallingly cruel and savage.'
Police are hunting the savage killer of five men in South London.
There was savage fighting in and around the eastern border towns.
They caught the monkey, but it was so savage that no one could get near enough to feed it.
II. noun
noble savage
The movie reinforces the stereotype of Indians as heathens and savages.
III. verb
Stevens was savaged in the sports press after his defeat.
Troops savaged the weakened enemy army.
But after critics savaged his second symphony, Elgar became deeply depressed and never wrote another major work.
He would insist to his dying day that an arctic wolf had savaged him.
His jibe was greeted with howls of laughter as Mr Smith savaged Mr Major during the emergency debate on the economy.
However, Brightman's performance was savaged by critics.
Not unnaturally, Ministers have savaged the workings of a property tax ever since rates were abolished.
The office door shuddered behind her, and a baying, as of hounds savaging each other, filled the suddenly silent wards.
There were some who said he was a man whose children had been savaged by a local hound.
Time and again he is savaged for speaking on subjects about which his critics claim he knows nothing.


I. savage1 /ˈsævɪdʒ/ adjective
[date : 1200-1300; Language : Old French; Origin : sauvage, from Medieval Latin salvaticus, from Latin silvaticus 'of the woods, wild', from silva 'forest']
1. VIOLENT very violent or cruel SYN vicious:
  ▪ a savage dog
  ▪ a savage murder

2. CRITICIZING criticizing someone or something very severely OPP mild:
  ▪ a savage attack on the government

3. SEVERE very severe:
  ▪ The government has announced savage cuts in spending.
  ▪ a savage storm

4. PEOPLE [ONLY BEFORE NOUN] old-fashioned not polite an offensive word used to describe people who have a simple traditional way of life ⇨ primitive:
  ▪ a savage tribe

—savagely adverb:
  ▪ He was savagely attacked and beaten.

—savageness noun [UNCOUNTABLE]
• • •
violent /ˈvaɪələnt/ using force to hurt or kill people – used about people, crimes etc. Also used about films or books that contain a lot of violence :
  ▪ a violent man who couldn’t control his temper
  ▪ the increase in violent crime
  ▪ The film is too violent to be shown to children.
vicious /ˈvɪʃəs/ violent and dangerous, and seeming to enjoy hurting people for no reason :
  ▪ a vicious attack on an unarmed man
  ▪ We were surrounded by a gang of vicious thugs, armed with knives.
rough /rʌf/ using force or violence, but not causing serious injury :
  ▪ Some of the boys were being a bit rough with the younger kids.
  ▪ There were complaints about rough treatment by the police.
brutal /ˈbruːtl/ behaving in a way that is very cruel and violent, and showing no pity :
  ▪ Idi Amin was a brutal dictator.
  ▪ a particularly brutal murder
  ▪ The prison guards were brutal and corrupt.
savage /ˈsævɪdʒ/ attacking people in a particularly cruel way – used about people and fighting, especially in news reports :
  ▪ a savage killer
  ▪ There was savage fighting in the capital Mogadishu.
bloody a bloody battle or war is very violent and a lot of people are killed or injured :
  ▪ a bloody civil war
  ▪ The Russians were engaged in a bloody battle against the German army.
ferocious /fəˈrəʊʃəs/ a ferocious attack or battle is extremely violent. Also used about animals that are likley to attack in a very violent way :
  ▪ The two armies fought a ferocious battle.
  ▪ a ferocious beast
  ▪ It was the most ferocious attack I have ever seen.
fierce a fierce animal or person looks frightening and likely to attack people :
  ▪ A fierce dog stood growling at the gate.
  ▪ Bears are always fierce when they have young.
  ▪ fierce bodyguards
bloodthirsty a bloodthirsty person enjoys watching violence. A bloodthirsty story contains a lot of violent scenes :
  ▪ In Mexico, humans were sacrificed to bloodthirsty gods.
  ▪ a bloodthirsty tale of revenge
gory showing or describing injuries, blood, death etc clearly and in detail :
  ▪ a gory horror movie
  ▪ The book was too gory for many readers.

II. savage2 noun [COUNTABLE] old-fashioned not polite
a very offensive word for someone who has a simple traditional way of life

III. savage3 verb [TRANSITIVE]
1. if an animal such as a dog savages someone, it attacks them and injures them badly SYN maul

2. to criticize someone or something very severely SYN attack:
  ▪ The Prime Minister was savaged by the press for failing to take action quickly enough.

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