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an artifact designed to be played with
Derivationally related forms:
toy (for: toy)
artifact, artefact
ball, balloon, cockhorse, doll, dolly,
dollhouse, doll's house, Frisbee, hobby, hobbyhorse, rocking horse,
hula-hoop, jack-in-the-box, jungle gym, jumping jack, kaleidoscope, kite,
Lego, Lego set, Meccano, Meccano set, pea shooter, pinata,
pinwheel, pinwheel wind collector, playhouse, wendy house, pogo stick, popgun,
rattle, sandbox, sandpile, sandpit, seesaw, teeter,
teeter-totter, teetertotter, teeterboard, tilting board, dandle board, slide,
playground slide, sliding board, slingshot, sling, catapult, stick horse,
swing, teddy, teddy bear, top, whirligig, teetotum,
teetotum, train set, water pistol, water gun, squirt gun,
squirter, yo-yo

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