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see also GIVE, INVITE
- to ask sb if they would like sth, or if they would like you to do sth for them: offer sb sth, offer sth (to sb), offer to do sth (for sb); noun: offer
I've been offered a job in Cardiff. a job offer He offered to paint the house for me. Thanks for the offer.
- to offer sb an amount of money for sth: offer (sb) sth, make* (sb) an offer
How much are they offering for the car? They've made an offer for the house.
- to say yes to an offer: accept sth, take* sth up, take* sb up on sth; noun (U): acceptance
He immediately accepted my offer. They said they would take up the offer. I think I'll take you up on your offer.
- to say no to an offer: turn sth down, refuse sth, reject sth; nouns: refusal, rejection
I'm afraid I'll have to turn down your offer/turn your offer down. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I can't believe she rejected your offer. Please confirm your acceptance of this offer.
- if you make an offer to sb and then you decide you do not want to make the offer, you take* sth back, (formal) withdraw* sth
I'm afraid I'll have to take back my offer. If you speak to him like that, he'll just withdraw his offer.
※—† ways of offering sth
- to make an offer, you can say Would you like ※€¦? or Can I ※€¦? or Shall I ※€¦?
'Would you like me to give you a hand?' 'Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll be all right.' 'Can I get you a drink?' 'Yes please - I'd love a beer.' 'Shall I carry your bag for you?' 'No thanks, I can manage.'
- if you are offering food, drink, etc, or if you want to give sth to sb, you can say Have ※€¦Help yourself ※€¦
'Have some more rice.' 'No thank you, I'm full.' 'I really like this photo.' 'Have it. I'd like to give it to you.' 'Help yourself to the cake.' 'Thank you, it looks delicious.'
Note: we do not use 'please' in English when we are offering sth to sb.

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