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mend [mend mends mended mending] verb, noun BrE [mend] NAmE [mend]
1. transitive ~ sth (BrE)to repair sth that has been damaged or broken so that it can be used again
Could you mend my bike for me?
see also fence-mending
2. transitive ~ sth to repair a hole in a piece of clothing, etc
He mended shoes for a living.
3. transitive ~ sth to find a solution to a problem or disagreement
They tried to mend their differences.
4. intransitive (old-fashioned, BrE) (of a person)to improve in health after being ill/sick
Syn: recover
He's mending slowly after the operation.
5. intransitive (of a broken bone)to heal
more at least said soonest mended at say v.
Verb forms:

Word Origin:
Middle English: shortening of ↑amend.

Example Bank:
I was trying to mend that broken clock.
I'll get my guitar mended.
The front gate needed mending.
Could you mend my bike?
He has been trying to mend relations between the two countries.
Is it too late to mend fences with your ex-wife?
She ought to learn to mend her own clothes.
They met in an attempt to mend their differences.
This debate will not mend matters.
Idioms:mend fences mend your ways on the mend

Word Origin:
Middle English: shortening of ↑amend.

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