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1 entertaining and being entertained
2 shows
3 music and dance
4 the circus
5 outside entertainments
6 relaxing and enjoying yourself
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1 entertaining and being entertained
- things to do that interest and amuse people: entertainment (noun C/U)
outdoor entertainments There isn't much entertainment for young people in this town. the entertainment industry
- something that offers entertainment: amusement
an amusement arcade
- to interest and amuse sb: entertain sb; adjective: entertaining
Can you entertain the children while I go out for a minute? a very entertaining film
- a person who entertains as a job: entertainer
a children's entertainer
- the part of the entertainment industry that makes and puts on films, plays, shows, etc: show business (noun U)
- to take part in a play or to sing, dance, etc in front of an audience: perform (sth)
She is currently performing at the Royal Opera House.
- something that you perform in front of an audience: performance
There will be two performances daily. They put on a brilliant performance.
- a person who performs: performer
- a series of performances of music, plays, etc often held regularly in one place: festival
a film festival an annual festival of the arts the Edinburgh Festival
- to get pleasure from doing sth: enjoy yourself, enjoy sth/doing sth, have a good, great, etc time (doing sth), have fun (doing sth)
I enjoy going to the theatre. I had a great time last night - I really enjoyed myself. How was the party? Did you have fun?
- to keep yourself entertained: amuse yourself
I had to amuse myself for a few hours while I waited for her to arrive.
※ more on enjoying sth ENJOY
- a group of people who are watching or listening to a play, film, concert, etc: audience (with singular or plural verb)
※ more on audiences AUDIENCE

2 shows
- a form of entertainment at the theatre or on television: show
There are lots of shows on in London. a Christmas show a television/radio show a game show
- a particular activity that is organized for people to watch: display
a display of folk dances from around the world
- a particular collection of works of art shown in a museum or art gallery: exhibition
an exhibition of Victorian photographs
- a public display or exhibition for people to visit (to show new products, for example): show
a motor show a flower show a fashion show
- something important that happens which people go to (a sports competition, for example): event
a horse-racing event
- a traditional show at Christmas to entertain children: pantomime
- a show that is meant to make people laugh: comedy show
- a person who stands up in front of people and tells them funny stories to make them laugh: (stand-up) comic/comedian
- something said or done to make you laugh, especially a funny story: joke
※ jokes and other things that are funny FUNNY
- a model of a person or animal that you can move by pulling strings or by putting your hand inside it and moving your fingers: puppet
- a show where people with puppets perform a small play: puppet show
- a theatre for puppet shows: puppet theatre
- a way of entertaining people by making things happen that look impossible: magic (noun U)
- a person who does this kind of entertaining: magician, conjurer
- an act of using magic in this way: trick, conjuring trick
to do/perform a conjuring trick
- a show where a magician does tricks: magic show

3 music and dance
- a performance of music: concert
a classical concert
- a play in which the actors sing the words to music: opera
- a story which is told with music and dancing but without words: ballet
- a performance with pop or rock music: pop concert, rock concert
- a play or film which has music and dancing in it: musical
- an entertainment with singing, dancing, etc in a restaurant or night-club: cabaret (noun C/U)
※ more on music and dancing MUSIC, DANCE

4 the circus
- a show performed in a large tent by a group of people and (sometimes) animals: circus
- a person in a circus who wears funny clothes and makes people laugh: clown
- a person who performs difficult or unusual physical acts: acrobat
- a bar hanging from two ropes high above the ground, used as a swing by acrobats: trapeze; a person who performs on a trapeze: trapeze artist
- a rope stretched high above the ground on which acrobats and trapeze artists walk in a circus: tightrope
- a person who throws and catches more than two objects at one time: juggler; verb: juggle (sth)
Can you juggle? We saw him juggling five balls.
- a person who puts fire in his/her mouth: fire-eater

5 outside entertainments
- a public entertainment that is held outside and moves around from town to town, where you can ride on machines or play games and try to win prizes: fair, funfair; the place where a fair is held: fairground
- a machine you can ride on at a fair: ride
Which rides did you go on?
- a permanent place of public entertainment where you can ride on different machines: amusement park
- a park where all the amusements are based on one idea or topic: theme park
- a type of railway at fairs and amusement parks which goes up and down and has sharp bends: rollercoaster
- entertainment that people watch in the street: street entertainment (noun U)
- to sing or play music in a public place so that people will give you money: busk; a person who does this: busker
- a small container with chemicals in it that burns or explodes with coloured lights or bangs: firework (usually plural)
We went to the park to see the fireworks. a firework display
- a day or time when people celebrate sth (especially a religious event): festival
Christmas is an important festival for Christians.
- a public festival that takes place outdoors, during which there is a procession in the street and music and dancing: carnival
the annual Notting Hill Carnival in London

6 relaxing and enjoying yourself
- if you want to have a drink and meet and talk to people, you can go to a pubbar
- if you want to dance and meet people, you can go to a disco (plural discos) or (night)club
- if you want to meet people, especially your friends, and eat, drink, dance and enjoy yourself, you can have a partyparty
- entertainment at night, like pubs, clubs and discos: nightlife (noun U)
What's the nightlife like in this town?
- to go out at night to pubs, clubs and discos: go*/be out on the town
We're exhausted - we were out on the town last night.
※ more on pubs and bars BAR/PUB
- more on parties PARTY

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