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I - noun
1. a unit of language that native speakers can identify (Freq. 117)
- words are the blocks from which sentences are made
- he hardly said ten words all morning
language unit, linguistic unit
anagram, anaphor, antonym, opposite word, opposite,
back-formation, charade, cognate, cognate word, content word, open-class word,
contraction, deictic, deictic word, derivative, diminutive, dirty word,
disyllable, dissyllable, form, word form, signifier, descriptor,
four-letter word, four-letter Anglo-Saxon word, function word, closed-class word, guide word, guideword,
catchword, head, head word, headword, heteronym, holonym,
whole name, homonym, hypernym, superordinate, superordinate word, hyponym,
subordinate, subordinate word, key word, loanblend, loan-blend, hybrid,
loanword, loan, meronym, part name, metonym, monosyllable,
monosyllabic word, neologism, neology, coinage, nonce word, hapax legomenon,
oxytone, palindrome, primitive, paroxytone, partitive, polysemant,
polysemantic word, polysemous word, polysyllable, polysyllabic word, proparoxytone, quantifier,
logical quantifier, reduplication, retronym, substantive, synonym, equivalent word,
term, terminology, nomenclature, language, trisyllable, troponym,
troponym, vocable, spoken word, classifier, written word,
syncategorem, syncategoreme
Part Meronyms:
syllable, affix
2. a brief statement (Freq. 18)
- he didn't say a word about it
3. information about recent and important events (Freq. 5)
- they awaited news of the outcome
news, intelligence, tidings
information, info
good word, latest, update
4. a verbal command for action (Freq. 3)
- when I give the word, charge!
5. an exchange of views on some topic (Freq. 3)
- we had a good discussion
- we had a word or two about it
discussion, give-and-take
Derivationally related forms:
discuss (for: discussion)
speech, speech communication, spoken communication, spoken language, language,
voice communication, oral communication
argument, argumentation, debate, deliberation, conference,
group discussion, panel discussion, postmortem, post-mortem, public discussion, ventilation,
negotiation, dialogue, talks
6. a promise (Freq. 1)
- he gave his word
parole, word of honor
7. a word is a string of bits stored in computer memory
- large computers use words up to 64 bits long
computer memory unit
Part Holonyms:
kilobyte, kibibyte, K, KB, kB, KiB
Part Meronyms:
8. a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group
- he forgot the password
password, watchword, parole, countersign
positive identification, secret, arcanum

II - verb
put into words or an expression (Freq. 2)
- He formulated his concerns to the board of trustees
give voice, formulate, phrase, articulate
Derivationally related forms:
articulation (for: articulate), phrase (for: phrase), phrasing (for: phrase), wording, formulation (for: formulate)
express, show, evince
ask, lexicalize, lexicalise, dogmatize, dogmatise,
dogmatise, formularise, frame, redact, cast,
put, couch
Verb Frames:
- Somebody ----s something
- Something is ----ing PP (for: give voice)

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