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unpleasant person

a person who is not pleasant or agreeable
disagreeable person
unwelcome person, persona non grata
aggravator, annoyance, alienator, anathema, bete noire,
asshole, bastard, cocksucker, dickhead, shit, mother fucker,
motherfucker, prick, whoreson, son of a bitch, SOB, bore,
dullard, cold fish, creep, weirdo, weirdie, weirdy,
spook, critic, cunt, bitch, cynic, faultfinder,
egotist, egoist, swellhead, grabber, grouch, grump,
crank, churl, crosspatch, incubus, joker, turkey,
monster, fiend, devil, demon, ogre, oppressor,
pain, pain in the neck, nuisance, pawer, peasant, barbarian,
boor, Goth, tyke, tike, pharisee, pill,
prima donna, prude, puritan, rotter, dirty dog, rat,
skunk, stinker, stinkpot, bum, puke, crumb,
lowlife, scum bag, so-and-so, git, scoffer, flouter,
mocker, jeerer, scold, scolder, nag, nagger,
common scold, selfish person, sneak, sneerer, scorner, snob,
prig, snot, snoot, snorter, unpleasant woman, disagreeable woman,
upstart, parvenu, nouveau-riche, arriviste, vulgarian, whiner,
complainer, moaner, sniveller, crybaby, bellyacher, grumbler,
squawker, worm, louse, insect, dirt ball

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