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1. the branch of the biological sciences dealing with the functioning of organisms (Freq. 1)
Derivationally related forms:
physiologic, physiologist
Members of this Topic:
abducent, abducting, adducent, adductive, adducting,
afferent, efferent, motorial, isometric, isotonic, erectile,
cavernous, tumid, erect, antidromic, excitable, irritable,
unaerated, unoxygenated, voluntary, involuntary, automatic, reflex,
reflexive, autonomic, vegetative, autacoidal, pressor, tonic,
sympathetic, parenteral, accommodation, adaptation, abduction, adduction,
contraction, muscular contraction, muscle contraction, control, antagonistic muscle, humor,
humour, sensitivity, sensitiveness, sensibility, localization of function, localisation of function,
localization principle, localisation principle, localization, localisation, irradiation, necrobiosis,
cell death, acid-base equilibrium, acid-base balance, autoregulation, inhibition, nutrition,
relaxation, stimulation, summation, homeostasis, innervate, irritate
biology, biological science
neurophysiology, hemodynamics, kinesiology, myology
2. processes and functions of an organism
Derivationally related forms:
physiologic, physiological, physiologist
Members of this Topic:
bodily property

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