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Từ điển WordNet v3.1 - WordNet Dictionary
mental object

the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned
content, cognitive content
cognition, knowledge, noesis
tradition, object, food, food for thought, intellectual nourishment,
noumenon, thing-in-itself, universe, universe of discourse, topic, subject,
issue, matter, idea, thought, kernel, substance,
core, center, centre, essence, gist, heart,
heart and soul, inwardness, marrow, meat, nub, pith,
sum, nitty-gritty, wisdom, representation, mental representation, internal representation,
belief, unbelief, disbelief, heresy, unorthodoxy, goal,
end, education, experience, acculturation, culture, lore,
traditional knowledge, ignorance, knowledge domain, knowledge base, domain, metaknowledge

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