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legal instrument

(law) a document that states some contractual relationship or grants some right
legal document, official document, instrument
Derivationally related forms:
instrument (for: instrument)
law, jurisprudence
document, written document, papers
articles of incorporation, derivative instrument, derivative, negotiable instrument, passport,
ship's papers, manifest, debenture, power of attorney, letters of administration, letters testamentary,
working papers, work papers, work permit, act, enactment, law,
bill, measure, brief, legal brief, will, testament,
living will, deed, deed of conveyance, title, assignment, trust deed,
deed of trust, conveyance, tax return, income tax return, return, license,
licence, permit, patent, letters patent, opinion, legal opinion,
judgment, judgement, acquittance, release, writ, judicial writ,
mandate, authorization, authorisation, affidavit, written agreement, indictment,
bill of indictment, impeachment, arraignment, security, certificate

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