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the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
Derivationally related forms:
grammatical, grammatic
Members of this Topic:
active, dynamic, stative, passive, attributive,
prenominal, attributive genitive, predicative, reflexive, self-referent, coordinating,
coordinative, subordinating, subordinative, copulative, contrastive, independent,
main, dependent, subordinate, descriptive, prescriptive, normative,
endocentric, exocentric, finite, infinite, non-finite, illative,
restricted, qualified, unrestricted, correlative, weak, strong,
limiting, nonrestrictive, syndetic, asyndetic, transitive, intransitive,
aoristic, nominal, nominative, objective, accusative, possessive,
genitive, scopal, future, optative, subjunctive, imperative,
indicative, declarative, interrogative, participial, substantival, gerundial,
attributively, head, head word, quantifier, grammatical category, syntactic category,
subject, object, constituent, grammatical constituent, clause, article,
modify, qualify, parse, agree
descriptive linguistics
descriptive grammar, prescriptive grammar, syntax, morphology

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