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I - noun
a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior
pervert, deviant, deviate
Derivationally related forms:
deviate (for: deviate), deviant (for: deviant), deviate (for: deviant), pervert (for: pervert)
reprobate, miscreant
fetishist, masochist, nymphomaniac, nympho, pederast,
paederast, child molester, pedophile, paedophile, sadist, sadomasochist,
satyr, lecher, lech, letch, sodomite, sodomist,
sod, bugger

II - verb
grow worse
- Her condition deteriorated
- Conditions in the slums degenerated
- The discussion devolved into a shouting match
devolve, deteriorate, drop
recuperate (for: deteriorate)
Derivationally related forms:
degenerative, degeneration, deterioration (for: deteriorate)
worsen, decline
tire, pall, weary, fatigue, jade,
languish, fade, waste, rot
Verb Frames:
- Something ----s
- Somebody ----s

III - adjective
unrestrained by convention or morality
- Congreve draws a debauched aristocratic society
- deplorably dissipated and degraded
- riotous living
- fast women
debauched, degraded, dissipated, dissolute, libertine,
profligate, riotous, fast
Similar to:
Derivationally related forms:
riot (for: riotous), profligate (for: profligate), libertine (for: libertine), dissoluteness (for: dissolute)

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