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1. a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place (Freq. 48)
- there was a three-story building on the corner
- it was an imposing edifice
structure, construction
abattoir, butchery, shambles, slaughterhouse, apartment building,
apartment house, architecture, aviary, bird sanctuary, volary, bathhouse,
bathing machine, bowling alley, center, centre, chapterhouse, clubhouse,
club, dormitory, dorm, residence hall, hall, student residence,
farm building, feedlot, firetrap, gambling house, gambling den, gambling hell,
gaming house, gazebo, summerhouse, government building, greenhouse, nursery,
glasshouse, Hall of Fame, hotel, hotel-casino, casino-hotel, house,
library, medical building, health facility, healthcare facility, ministry, morgue,
mortuary, dead room, observatory, office building, office block, opium den,
outbuilding, packinghouse, place of worship, house of prayer, house of God, house of worship,
planetarium, presbytery, restaurant, eating house, eating place, eatery,
rest house, rink, skating rink, Roman building, rotunda, ruin,
school, schoolhouse, shooting gallery, signal box, signal tower, skyscraper,
student union, tavern, tap house, telecom hotel, telco building, temple,
theater, theatre, whorehouse, brothel, bordello, bagnio,
house of prostitution, house of ill repute, bawdyhouse, cathouse, sporting house
Instance Hyponyms:
Independence Hall, Houses of Parliament
Part Meronyms:
annex, annexe, extension, wing, anteroom,
antechamber, entrance hall, hall, foyer, lobby, vestibule,
corner, quoin, nook, cornerstone, court, courtyard,
cullis, elevator, lift, exterior door, outside door, floor,
level, storey, story, foundation stone, heating system, heating plant,
heating, heat, interior door, roof, room, scantling,
stud, shaft, skeleton, skeletal frame, frame, underframe,
underframe, staircase, upstairs, wall, window,
crawlspace, crawl space
2. the act of constructing something (Freq. 3)
- during the construction we had to take a detour
- his hobby was the building of boats
Derivationally related forms:
build, construct (for: construction)
Members of this Topic:
reface, wattle, frame, frame up, rebuild,
reconstruct, groin, raise, erect, rear, set up,
put up, prefabricate, preassemble
creating from raw materials
crenelation, crenellation, erecting, erection, house-raising,
fabrication, assembly, dry walling, grading, leveling, road construction,
shipbuilding, ship building, rustication
3. the commercial activity involved in repairing old structures or constructing new ones (Freq. 1)
- their main business is home construction
- workers in the building trades
Derivationally related forms:
commercial enterprise, business enterprise, business
Part Meronyms:
masonry, painting, house painting, plumbing, plumbery,
roofing, sheet-metal work, shingling
4. the occupants of a building
- the entire building complained about the noise
gathering, assemblage

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