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1. an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition (Freq. 1)
Derivationally related forms:
athletic, sport (for: sport)
Members of this Topic:
in play, out of play, one-on-one, man-to-man, loose,
legal, disqualified, home, away, most-valuable, ineligible,
defending, onside, offside, offsides, underhand, underhanded,
underarm, overhand, overhanded, overarm, upfield, downfield,
at home, wipeout, pass, toss, flip, daisy cutter,
call, birling, logrolling, stroke, shot, position,
foul, personal foul, possession, save, press box, tuck,
game plan, won-lost record, English, side, series, trial,
defense, defence, defending team, bench warmer, coach, manager,
handler, free agent, iron man, ironman, referee, ref,
scout, talent scout, shooter, timekeeper, timer, deficit,
lead, average, free agency, regulation time, sudden death, turn,
bout, round, surge, seed, outclass, curl,
start, field, shoot, umpire, drop, down,
bandy, double-team, submarine, kick, punt, follow through,
kill, drive, racket, dribble, carry, cut,
box, spar, prizefight, shadowbox, tramp, hike,
mountaineer, rappel, abseil, rope down, backpack, pack,
run, jog, skate, spread-eagle, ice skate, figure skate,
roller skate, skateboard, Rollerblade, speed skate, ski, schuss,
sled, sleigh, bobsled, bob, toboggan, luge,
water ski, scull, canoe, kayak, paddle, surfboard,
surf, windsurf, skin-dive, jackknife, snorkel, ski jump,
hurdle, ride the bench, warm the bench, sit out
diversion, recreation
funambulism, tightrope walking, rock climbing, contact sport, outdoor sport,
field sport, gymnastics, gymnastic exercise, track and field, skiing, water sport,
aquatics, rowing, row, archery, sledding, skating,
racing, riding, horseback riding, equitation, cycling, blood sport,
athletic game, judo, spectator sport, team sport
2. a contest between athletes
athletic contest, athletic competition
contest, competition
decathlon, Olympic Games, Olympics, Olympiad, Special Olympics,
preliminary, prelim, pentathlon, meet, sports meeting, triple jump,
hop-step-and-jump, tug-of-war
3. participation in sports events as an extracurricular activity
extracurricular activity

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