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artistic creation

the creation of beautiful or significant things
- art does not need to be innovative to be good
- I was never any good at art
- he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully
art, artistic production
Derivationally related forms:
artist (for: art)
Members of this Topic:
popular, pop, cathartic, releasing, moderne,
nonrepresentational, formalistic, formalized, formalised, Americana, art,
fine art, ground, talaria, vocabulary, aesthetics, esthetics,
film, cinema, celluloid, expressive style, style, ensemble,
tout ensemble, exhibition, exposition, expo, appraiser, authenticator,
theorist, theoretician, theorizer, theoriser, idealogue, tension,
stagnation, stagnancy, doldrums, longueur, finger-paint, fresco,
distemper, illuminate, miniate, rubricate, emblazon, blazon,
sculpt, sculpture, paint, repaint, charge, represent,
interpret, picture, depict, render, show, illustrate,
stylize, stylise, conventionalize, portray, limn, present,
draw, charcoal, cartoon, shade, fill in, stipple,
watercolour, watercolor, model, mold, mould, sketch,
chalk out, lithograph, silkscreen, stencil, engrave, etch,
aquatint, pose, sit, posture, deaccession
creation, creative activity
arts and crafts, ceramics, decalcomania, decoupage, drawing,
draftsmanship, drafting, glyptography, gastronomy, origami, painting,
perfumery, printmaking, sculpture, carving, topiary

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