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Pacific Ocean

the largest ocean in the world
Derivationally related forms:
Pacific (for: Pacific)
Members of this Region:
Iwo, Iwo Jima, invasion of Iwo, Philippine Sea, battle of the Philippine Sea
Instance Hypernyms:
Part Meronyms:
Guadalupe Island, Aleutian Islands, Aleutians, Oceania, Oceanica,
Australasia, Austronesia, Wake Island, Wake, Malay Archipelago, East Indies,
East India, New Guinea, Japan, Japanese Islands, Japanese Archipelago, Volcano Islands,
New Zealand, New Zealand Islands, Palau, Palau Islands, Belau, Pelew,
Philippines, Philippine Islands, Santa Catalina, Catalina Island, Antarctic Ocean, Arafura Sea,
Bering Sea, Coral Sea, East China Sea, Gulf of Alaska, Gulf of Tehuantepec, Inland Sea,
North Pacific, Osaka Bay, Pacific Coast, Puget Sound, San Diego Bay, San Francisco Bay,
Sea of Japan, East Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, South China Sea, South Pacific, Tasman Sea,
Yellow Sea, Huang Hai

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