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Bay State

a state in New England;
one of the original 13 colonies
Massachusetts, Old Colony, MA
Members of this Region:
Lexington, Concord, Lexington and Concord
Instance Hypernyms:
American state
Part Holonyms:
United States, United States of America, America, the States, US,
U.S., USA, U.S.A., New England
Part Meronyms:
Boston, Hub of the Universe, Bean Town, Beantown, capital of Massachusetts,
Cambridge, Concord, Gloucester, Lexington, Medford, Pittsfield,
Springfield, Worcester, Cape Ann, Cape Cod, Cape Cod Canal, Plymouth,
Salem, Williamstown, Berkshires, Berkshire Hills, Charles, Charles River,
Housatonic, Housatonic River, Merrimack, Merrimack River, Taconic Mountains

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