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front [front fronts fronted fronting] noun, adjective, verb BrE [frʌnt] NAmE [frʌnt]
1. countable, usually singular (usually the front)the part or side of sth that faces forward; the side of sth that you look at first
The front of the building was covered with ivy.
The book has a picture of Rome on the front.
The front of the car was badly damaged.
see also shopfront, Y-fronts
2. the frontsingular the position that is in the direction that sb/sth is facing
Keep your eyes to the front and walk straight ahead.
There's a garden at the front of the house.
3. the frontsingular the part of sth that is furthest forward
I prefer to travel in the front of the car (= next to the driver).
The teacher made me move my seat to the front of the classroom.
Write your name in the front of the book (= the first few pages).  
4. sb's frontsingular the part of sb's body that faces forwards; sb's chest
She was lying on her front.
I spilled coffee down my front.  
5. countable the west, north, south, east, etc. ~ the side of a large building, especially a church, that faces west, north, etc
the west front of the cathedral  
6. the frontsingular (BrE)the road or area of land along the edge of the sea, a lake or a river
Couples walked hand in hand along the front.
see also seafront  
7. countable, usually singular an area where fighting takes place during a war
More British troops have been sent to the front.
to serve at the front
fighting a war on two fronts
Reports from the battle fronts became briefer and vaguer.
see also front line, ↑home front  
8. countable a particular area of activity
Things are looking unsettled on the economic front.
Progress has been made on all fronts.  
9. singular behaviour that is not genuine, done in order to hide your true feelings or opinions
Rudeness is just a front for her shyness.
It's not always easy to put on a brave front for the family.
The prime minister stressed the need to present a united front (= show people that all members of the group have the same opinion about things).  
10. countable, usually singular ~ (for sth) a person or an organization that is used to hide an illegal or secret activity
The travel company is just a front for drug trafficking.  
11. Frontsingular used in the names of some political organizations
the Animal Liberation Front
see also popular front  
12. countable the line where a mass of cold air meets a mass of warm air
a cold/warm front
more at back to front at back n., cash up front at cash n., before/in front of sb's (very) eyes at eye n., lead from the front at lead 1 v.

Word Origin:
Middle English (denoting the forehead): from Old French front (noun), fronter (verb), from Latin frons, front- ‘forehead, front’.

Which Word?:
in front of / in the front of
In front of can mean the same as outside, but not opposite: I’ll meet you in front of/outside your hotel. There’s a bus stop in front of the house (= on the same side of the road) . There’s a bus stop opposite the house (= on the other side of the road) .
In/at the front (of sth) means ‘in the most forward part of something’: The driver sits at the front of the bus. Put the shortest flowers in the front (of the bunch).

Example Bank:
Even young teenagers were sent to the front.
Her aggressive behaviour is just a front for her shyness.
However much the directors disagree with each other, they always present a united front to the world.
She put on a brave front, but I knew how miserable she was.
They had to fight on two fronts.
Thousands were killed on the eastern front.
Without that false front, I wouldn't be able to face the world.
It's not always easy putting on a brave front for the family.
The prime minister stressed the need to present a united front.
Idioms:front and center in front in front of on the front burner out front up front
Derived:front for somebody
adjective only before noun
1. on or at the front of sth
front teeth
the front wheels of the car
We had seats in the front row.
an animal's front legs
Let's go through to the front room (= the main room in a house where people sit and entertain guests).
a front-seat passenger
compare back, ↑hind adj.
2. (phonetics) (of a vowel)produced with the front of the tongue in a higher position than the back, for example /[iː] / in English
compare back, ↑central

Word Origin:
Middle English (denoting the forehead): from Old French front (noun), fronter (verb), from Latin frons, front- ‘forehead, front’.
1. transitive, intransitive to face sth or be in front of sth; to have the front pointing towards sth
~ sth The cathedral fronts the city's main square.
~ onto sth The line of houses fronted straight onto the road.  
2. transitive, usually passive ~ sth to have the front covered with sth
a glass-fronted bookcase  
3. transitive ~ sth to lead or represent an organization, a group, etc
He fronts a multinational company.
A former art student fronted the band (= was the main singer).  
4. transitive ~ sth (especially BrE)to present a television programme, a show, etc
The former footballer will front a new television sports quiz.  
5. transitive ~ sth (linguistics)to give more importance to a part of a sentence by placing it at or near the beginning of the sentence, as in ‘That I would like to see.’
Verb forms:

Word Origin:
Middle English (denoting the forehead): from Old French front (noun), fronter (verb), from Latin frons, front- ‘forehead, front’.

Example Bank:
The band is fronted by former art student, Jim Oliver.

See also:out the front

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