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1 different ways of walking
2 difficulty in walking
3 walking for pleasure
4 walking in the street
5 walking with another person
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1 different ways of walking
- to move along on foot at a fairly slow speed: walk
- to walk somewhere, rather than go by car, bus, etc: go*/come* on foot
They made the long journey over the mountains on foot.
- the speed at which you walk or run: pace
to walk at a brisk pace (= quite fast)
to walk at a leisurely pace (= quite slow)
at a walking pace (= slowly, at the speed of sb walking)
- an act of lifting one foot and putting it down in a different place: step; verb: step
She took a couple of steps and then fell over. Please step forward when I call your name.
- the distance that you move when you take one step: pace
Take two paces forward and then stop.
- the sound of sb walking, or the step that you take when walking: footstep
I could hear footsteps outside the window.
- the mark that a person leaves when walking: footprint
to leave footprints in the snow
- to put your foot accidentally on sb/sth: tread* on sb/sth, step on sb/sth
Ow! You just trod on my foot. Look out! You've just stepped on my toe.
- to walk on sb/sth and hurt or damage them: trample (on) sb/sth
The boys trampled on the flowers. The cows trampled the corn.
※—† walking with long or regular steps
- to walk with long steps: stride; a long step: stride
Robert strode up to the desk and demanded to see the manager.
- to walk with regular steps (like a soldier): march; a journey made by marching: march
The General saluted his men as they marched past. She marched in and demanded an explanation. The soldiers were tired after their long march.
※—† walking slowly
- to walk slowly for pleasure: stroll, wander; noun: stroll
In the evening we strolled up to the castle. We went for a stroll along the river after lunch.
- to walk with slow, heavy steps: tramp
We had a miserable afternoon tramping across the moors in pouring rain.
- to walk slowly by sliding your feet along instead of lifting them from the ground: shuffle
The old man shuffled across the room in his slippers.
- at a very slow speed: at a snail's pace
The queue was moving at a snail's pace - I got fed up and left.
※—† walking carefully or quietly
- to move very quietly and carefully, often with your body in a low position so that nobody will notice you: creep*
He crept down the stairs hoping that nobody would wake.
- on your hands and legs: on all fours
The children went through the tunnel on all fours.
- to move slowly with your body on or close to the ground: crawl
Has the baby started to crawl yet?
- to walk or move quietly, in a suspicious way: prowl (about/around)
Someone was prowling about outside the house, so I called the police.
※—† walking in water
- to walk with bare feet in shallow water: paddle
- to walk with difficulty through deep water, mud, etc: wade
The soldiers jumped out of the boat and waded ashore.

2 difficulty in walking
- to walk in an unsteady way as if you could fall at any moment: stagger
The man staggered out of the pub and called a taxi.
- to hit your foot against sth when you are walking and almost fall over: stumble (over sth), trip (over sth, up)
He stumbled over a tree root. Be careful you don't trip over this rug.
- to walk in an uneven way because you have hurt your leg or foot: limp; noun: limp
He fell and twisted his ankle and limped home in great pain. Her leg's getting better but she's still got a bit of a limp. to walk with a limp
- a person who cannot walk properly because their legs or back have been injured is disabled
This cinema now has better facilities for disabled people.
- to walk, move or travel to places (especially after being ill): get* about/around
She has difficulty getting about with her bad leg.
- an animal that is not able to walk properly because of an injury to the leg is lame
The horse went lame. a lame horse
- a long, thin piece of wood that you lean on if you have difficulty walking: (walking) stick
- a type of stick that you put under your arm to help you walk when you have hurt your leg or foot: crutch
I had plaster on my leg and was walking on crutches.
- a chair with large wheels that can be used by people who are unable to walk: wheelchair

3 walking for pleasure
- to walk for pleasure, exercise, etc: go* for a walk, have/take* a walk; an occasion of doing this: walk
I'm just going for a walk - are you coming? Does anyone feel like a walk?
- to get up and go for a walk after sitting down for a long time: stretch your legs
- to go for a long walk in the country: hike, go* hiking, go* on a hike; a person who goes hiking: hiker
We spent our holidays hiking in the Lake District. a ten-mile hike
- to go on a walking holiday carrying your clothes, food, etc in a bag on your back: backpack
We're planning to go backpacking in New Zealand at Easter.
- to go from place to place with no particular purpose: wander/roam/walk around/about (a place)
Sarah had a pleasant afternoon wandering around the old market. Hundreds of football fans were roaming around the city centre following the match. She walked about the old walled city, peering into the shops.
- a path or route that is used for walking for pleasure: walk
There's a lovely walk along the river from here that takes you to the village.

4 walking in the street
- a person who is walking in the street: pedestrian; of or for pedestrians: pedestrian
a pedestrian subway a pedestrian precinct
- a person who is walking past you or sth (by chance): passer-by (plural passers-by)
The journalist asked a passer-by if he had seen what had happened.
※ roads and paths ROAD

5 walking with another person
- to go with sb to a place: accompany sb, go* (along) with sb
Children must be accompanied by an adult. I went along with him to the post office.
- to go with sb/sth to protect them or as an honour: escort sb
The film star was escorted by two bodyguards.
- with your arm linked together with sb else's: arm in arm
The couple walked arm in arm along the promenade.
- next to each other or close together: side by side
The three men walked side by side along the pavement.
- moving/not moving your feet at the same time as other people when you are marching, dancing, etc: in/out of step (with sb)
Look at that soldier. He's completely out of step with the others.
- to walk more slowly than sb/sth else: lag behind (sb/sth)
Damian always lags behind when we are walking in the mountains.
- to reach sb who is ahead of you: catch* sb up, catch* up (with sb)
I'm just going to post a letter. You go on and I'll catch you up in a minute.
※—† MORE ...
- a number of people, vehicles, etc that move slowly in a line: procession
to walk in procession a wedding procession
- an occasion when a group of people stand or walk in a procession so that people can look at them: parade
a fashion parade

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