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1 parts of a tree
2 different kinds of tree
3 places where trees grow
4 using trees
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1 parts of a tree
- the hard outer covering of a tree: bark (noun U)
- the liquid in a plant or tree: sap (noun U)
- one of the parts of a tree that grows under the ground: root
- a small thin branch: twig
- a new leaf or flower on a tree before it opens: bud
- a flower or a mass of flowers on a fruit tree: blossom (noun C/U)
- part of a tree that is left in the ground after it has been cut down: (tree) stump

2 different kinds of tree
- a kind of small tree with many branches: bush
- a tree that produces fruit: fruit tree
- a tree that produces apples, pears, plums, etc: apple tree, pear tree, plum tree, etc
- a tree that is covered in green leaves all year round is evergreen; noun: evergreen
Pine trees are evergreen.
- a tree that loses its leaves in winter is deciduous
Apple trees are deciduous.

3 places where trees grow
- an area of land with a lot of trees: wood, woodland (noun U)
a beech wood woodland flowers
- a large area of land covered in trees: forest (noun C/U)
a tropical forest Much of the land is covered in dense forest.
- a thick forest in a tropical part of the world: rain forest, jungle
the Amazon jungle
- an area of land covered in woods or forests is wooded, forested
densely wooded areas
- a small area without trees in the middle of a wood or forest: clearing
- a field or part of a garden where fruit trees grow: orchard
an apple orchard
- a large piece of land used for growing trees for their wood: plantation
a conifer plantation (= of trees like pines)

4 using trees
- to put a very young tree in the ground so that it will grow: plant sth
- to cut a tree at the bottom so that it falls down: cut* sth down, chop sth down, fell sth
A lot of trees will have to be cut down when they build the new road.
- a tool which has a long metal blade with sharp teeth, and is used to cut wood: saw
- a tool with a wooden handle and a metal blade, used for cutting wood: axe (AmE ax)
※ pictures of saw and axe CUT
- the hard material that the trunk and branches of trees are made of: wood (noun U)
Put some more wood on the fire. It looks as if it's made of wood but in fact it's plastic.
- wood that is going to be used for building: timber (noun U)
- a thick piece of wood that has been cut from a tree: log
- a factory where logs are cut for building: sawmill
※ more on wood WOOD

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