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1 sound and noise
2 quality of sound
3 kinds of sound
sounds made by animals
sound technology RECORD

1 sound and noise
- anything that a person or animal can hear: sound (noun C/U)
Can you hear that sound? the sound of running water Scientists have identified twenty different sounds that dolphins make. light and sound
- a sound, especially if it is loud, unpleasant or unwanted: noise (noun C/U)
I thought I could hear a noise downstairs. Could you ask them to try and make less noise?
- to make a particular sound: go*
Cats go 'miaow'. The gun went 'bang'.
- to make a sound as a signal: go*
Has the bell gone yet?

2 quality of sound
- a sound that can be heard is audible; opposite: inaudible
the clearly audible sound of a door shutting Her reply was inaudible.
- if a sound is easy to hear, it is clear, you can hear it clearly, loud and clear
She has a very clear voice. We can hear you loud and clear.
- (used particularly about radio, television, etc) the strength of sound: volume (noun U)
to turn down/up the volume of the radio
- the level of a sound: pitch
- low in pitch (like a man's voice): low, deep
the deep voice of a bass singer
- high in pitch (like a woman's or a child's voice): high, high-pitched
I can't sing the high notes. a high-pitched voice
- high and unpleasant: piercing, shrill
piercing screams a shrill cry
- with very little or no sound: quiet (adverb quietly)
Please be quiet, I'm trying to study.
- having no sound: silent (adverb silently); noun (U/C): silence
silent films He silently handed her the package. the silence of the countryside
- producing a lot of sound: loud (adverbs loud, loudly)
loud music Can you speak a bit louder? She coughed loudly.
- making a lot of noise: noisy (adverb noisily)
noisy children a noisy washing machine He blew his nose noisily.
※ more on being quiet or loud QUIET

3 kinds of sound
※—† loud sounds
- a loud unpleasant noise that continues for some time: din (noun singular), (informal) racket (noun singular)
Stop making such a din! I can't hear because of all the racket you're making.
- a lot of noise and excitement: uproar (noun singular/U)
The meeting ended in uproar.
- a short loud noise: bang
The bomb exploded with an enormous bang. to make a bang
- a sudden loud noise that sth makes when it breaks, is hit, etc: crash; verb: crash
We heard a crash and ran outside to see what had happened.
- the low sound that sth heavy makes when it falls down: thud; verb: thud
I threw the bag from the window and a moment later I heard it thudding onto the ground.
- a loud sound that sth makes when it is hit heavily: thump; verb: thump
The book fell on the floor with a thump.
- a long low sound like thunder: rumble; verb: rumble
the distant rumble of thunder
- a loud deep sound: boom (noun singular); verb: boom
We could hear the guns booming in the distance.
- the sound of a heavy metal object hitting sth: clank; verb: clank
the clank of a chain
- a series of short repeated sounds that hard objects make when they hit against each other: clatter (noun singular); verb: clatter
the clatter of knives and forks We heard their boots clattering down the stairs.
- a series of short sharp sounds repeated quickly: rattle; verb: rattle
The windows were rattling all night.
※ more on the sounds that are made when things are hit HIT
- a loud sharp noise that you make when you eat sth or walk on sth like snow: crunch
the crunch of snow under our shoes
- the noise of wood bending: creak; verb: creak; adjective: creaky
The floorboards creaked when I walked across the room. creaky stairs
- the noise of sth like wood breaking: crack
The wind split the branch from the tree with a sharp crack.
※—† high-pitched sounds
- a high noise that is not very loud: squeak; verb: squeak; adjective: squeaky
the squeak of a mouse a squeaky iron gate
- a loud high noise: squeal; verb: squeal
the squeal of tyres on the road She squealed with delight.
- an unpleasant loud high noise: screech; verb: screech
the screech of a car's brakes jets screeching over the housetops
- a long high unpleasant noise: whine; verb: whine
the whine of an aircraft engine The dog whined to go out.
※—† quiet or short sounds
- a short sharp sound like a small explosion: pop; verb: pop
There was a loud pop as the cork came out of the bottle. The balloon popped.
- a short ringing noise, for example of glass or metal knocking together: chink, clink
the chink of glasses the clink of coins
- a short sharp sound, for example of a switch or a lock: click; verb: click
We heard the click of a switch. The lock clicked open.
- a short high electronic sound: beep, bleep; verbs: beep, bleep
The computer gave a bleep.
※ the sound of a bell ringing BELL
※—† sounds like water or wind
- a sound like a very long 's': hiss; verb: hiss
the hiss of escaping steam The goose hissed at me angrily.
- the sound of food being cooked in very hot fat: sizzle (noun singular); verb: sizzle
the sizzle of eggs in the pan sizzling bacon
- the sound of sth small dropping into water: plop; verb: plop
The stone fell into the pond with a plop.
- the sound of liquid flying about in the air because it has been hit by sth: splash; verb: splash
He jumped into the pool with a splash. The children were splashing about in the water.
- the sound of walking in deep wet mud: squelch (noun singular); verb: squelch
She squelched through the mud in her boots.
- the sound of dry leaves moving together: rustle (noun singular); verb: rustle
the wind rustling through the leaves
- a hissing sound as sth moves through the air: swish (noun singular); verb: swish
the swish of a horse's tail
※—† human sounds
- a loud high sound that you make by blowing air through your lips: whistle; verb: whistle
He gave a whistle of surprise. I was walking along in the sunshine, whistling happily.
- a loud high sound that you make with your voice: cry; verb: cry (out)
a cry of fear/joy to cry out with pain
- a very loud high cry that you make when you are surprised, afraid or in pain: scream, shriek; verb: scream, shriek
to give a scream When I saw the burglar, I screamed. They shrieked with delight when the clown came on.
- to make sounds which show that you are happy or think sth is funny: laugh (at sb/sth); noun: laugh; the sound of people laughing: laughter (noun U)
to laugh at a joke
- to produce water from your eyes, and make a noise, because you are unhappy or have hurt yourself: cry, (formal) weep*
Why are you crying?
- the sound of breathing air through your nose, especially when you have a cold or are crying: sniff; verb: sniff
She gave a loud sniff. After a while she stopped sniffing and gave me a big smile.
※ more on laughing and crying LAUGH, CRY
- sounds which show pain PAIN
- the sound of breathing noisily through your nose and mouth when you are asleep: snore; verb: snore
Your snoring kept me awake.
- the sound of food or drink passing from your mouth down your throat: gulp; verb: gulp
He swallowed his beer with loud gulps.
※—† MORE ...
- a sound that is repeated by being sent back from the walls of a building, cave, etc: echo (plural echoes); to make an echo: echo
His voice echoed across the valley.
- the design of a room or building that helps you to hear speech or music: acoustics (noun plural)
The acoustics of the new concert hall are wonderful - you can hear perfectly in every seat.

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