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- the art of making shapes and objects from metal, wood, stone, etc: sculpture (noun U); a work or works of art made in this way: sculpture (noun C/U)
a student of painting and sculpture a sculpture by Henry Moore a collector of sculpture
- a sculpture of a person or an animal, usually put in a public place: statue
a statue of Napoleon a bronze/marble statue
- a statue of a person's head, shoulders and chest: bust
- a building or statue that was built to remind people of a certain person or event: monument (to sb)
In the centre of the square there's a monument to Leonardo da Vinci.
- to put a statue in a particular place: put* sth up, (formal) erect sth
The statue of Queen Victoria was put up in 1910.
- the part which supports a statue: pedestal
※—† making a sculpture
- a person who makes sculptures: sculptor; a female sculptor can also be called a sculptress
- to make a sculpture of a person or thing: do* a sculpture (of sb/sth)
- to cut wood or stone to make a particular shape: carve (sth) (out of sth); the work produced is a carving
He carved the figure of a man out of the piece of wood. a woodcarving
- to stand, sit, etc in a particular position that can be copied for a statue: pose; the position that sb sits in for this purpose: pose
It was tiring to hold the same pose for such a long time.
- if you sit so that an artist can copy you for a statue, you sit* for sb
He only asked the rich and famous to sit for him.

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