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see also GIVE, HELP
- to give or lend or sell sth to sb so that they can use it: provide sb (with sth), provide sth (for sb), supply sb (with sth), supply sth (for sb)
to provide funding for a project We supply schools with computer software.
- the act of providing sb with sth: provision (noun U), supply (noun U)
The government is responsible for the provision of health care in Britain. the supply of raw materials to industry
- a person or company that supplies sth: supplier; what they provide: supply
Our electricity supply was cut off because we didn't pay the bill.
- to provide sb with sth he/she wants, asks for or pays for: give* sb sth, give* sth to sb
The doctor refused to give me any more of the pills.
- to provide sb with sth for them to use: issue sth (to sb)
All new students are issued with text books. to issue a passport
- to give or sell things to a number of people: distribute sth (to/among sb/sth); the act of giving things: distribution (noun singular/U)
During the drought, water had to be distributed to households by lorry. the distribution of food parcels to refugees problems of supply and distribution
- to provide sb/sth with what is needed for a particular purpose: equip sb/sth with sth; the process of equipping sb/sth with sth: equipment (noun U)
All schools have been equipped with new computers.
※—† providing help
- to help sb by giving or paying for all the things that they need: provide for sb, support sb
Kevin has to provide for a family of seven. Chris helps to support his mother now that his father has died.
- to support sb with money: keep* sb
How can you keep a family on ※£80 a week?
※ giving money MONEY

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