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1 different kinds of picture
2 describing pictures
3 books, etc that have pictures
4 showing pictures
pictures in your mind

1 different kinds of picture
- a painting, drawing or photograph: picture
to paint/draw a picture to look at a picture
- a picture that you have in your mind, perhaps after reading or seeing sth: image
The exotic names conjured up images of faraway places.
- like a picture or using pictures: pictorial
a pictorial history
- a picture that is drawn or painted to make sth clear, for example a story or instructions: illustration; to make an illustration: illustrate sth; noun (U): illustration; a person who illustrates: illustrator
- a simple picture that is used to explain what sth looks like or how sth works: diagram
- a mathematical diagram which uses lines or curves to represent quantities or measurements: graph
- a drawing which shows information in the form of a diagram: chart
- the production of drawings, diagrams, etc, using a computer or other professional techniques: graphics (noun plural); adjective: graphic
- a drawing of a place, for example a town or country, showing the hills, rivers, roads, towns, etc: map
※ more on maps MAP
- pictures or writing on a wall, etc in a public place that are rude, funny or political: graffiti (noun plural)

2 describing pictures
- the main thing, person or idea that is in a picture: subject
Horses are always difficult subjects.
- a picture that shows things in a true way is realistic
- a picture which gives a general effect without specific detail is impressionistic
- a picture that shows a view of the land or countryside: landscape
a landscape painter
- a place, event, etc that is painted: scene
He loved to paint scenes of country life. a battle scene
- a picture that shows an object, flowers, fruit, etc: still life
※—† pictures of people
- a picture that shows a particular person: portrait; the art of making portraits: portrait painting (noun U), portraiture (noun U); a person who paints portraits: portrait painter
to paint somebody's portrait a portrait of the artist as an old man
- a picture that is made by an artist of him/herself: self-portrait
- a person who is being painted or drawn: model
- to stand, sit, etc in a particular position so that sb can paint a picture of you: pose; the position that you sit in for this purpose: pose
How do you want me to pose?
- if you sit so that an artist can copy you for a picture, you sit* for sb
- a person in a picture: figure
a landscape painting with three figures in the foreground
- a person's face or head seen from the side, not the front: profile; a person who is shown this way is in profile
Stamps always show the Queen's left profile. I prefer to draw people in profile.
※—† parts of a picture
- the part of a picture that is behind the main people or objects: the background
There were mountains and white clouds in the background.
- the part of a picture that appears closest to the person who is looking at it: the foreground
Notice the details in the foreground.
- the darker parts of a picture, where there is less light: shade (noun U)
There's not enough contrast between the light and shade.

3 books, etc that have pictures
- a magazine for children that tells stories through pictures: comic (book)
- a book that contains mainly pictures (especially one for children): picture-book
- a large book with blank pages where you can stick pictures, etc: scrapbook
- the words that are written above or below a picture (in a book, newspaper, etc) to explain what it is about: caption
The cartoon is only funny when you've read the caption.
- a card that usually has a picture on one side, that you can send by post: postcard
Did you get my postcard?
- a picture which has been cut into shapes that can be fitted together again as a game: jigsaw (puzzle)
Do you like doing jigsaws?

4 showing pictures
- to put a picture on a wall: put* sth up, hang* sth; to be on a wall (especially in an art gallery): hang*
I like this poster - I think I'll put it up in my room. Where should we hang this?
- places where people can look at pictures: art gallery
- a collection of pictures which are arranged for people to look at: exhibition; to show a picture in an exhibition: exhibit sth
an exhibition of watercolours
- a border of metal, wood, etc which supports a picture on a wall: frame; to put a frame around a picture: frame sth
to have a picture framed
※—† MORE ...
- a picture that is reproduced on paper by printing: print
- a picture that is printed from a cut, metal plate: engraving; to make an engraving: engrave (sth); noun (U): engraving; a person who makes engravings: engraver
- a picture made of many pieces of coloured stone, glass, etc: mosaic
- a picture that is made from an arrangement of other pictures, photographs, etc: collage
- a picture that is made on a person's body by pricking the skin with a needle and filling the holes with coloured inks: tattoo

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