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1 different kinds of metal
2 making things from metal

1 different kinds of metal
- a type of solid mineral substance: metal (noun C/U)
Iron is a metal. precious metals (= valuable metals used in making jewellery, etc)
a lump of metal to make sth in metal to be made of metal a metal chair a shiny metal surface
- looking like metal or making a noise like one piece of metal hitting another: metallic
a metallic colour a metallic sound
- a valuable yellow metal which is used for making coins, jewellery, etc: gold (noun U)
- a valuable grey-white metal which is used for making coins, jewellery, etc: silver (noun U)
- a valuable greyish-white metal, often used for making jewellery: platinum (noun U)
※ more on gold and silver GOLD/SILVER
- a common reddish-brown metal that is used for pipes: copper (noun U)
- a brown coloured metal that is made from copper and tin: bronze (noun U)
- a yellow metal which is a mixture of copper and zinc: brass (noun U)
- a common hard grey metal: iron (noun U)
- a very strong metal that is made from mixing iron with carbon and used for making knives, tools, machines, cars, etc: steel (noun U)
- steel that does not stain or rust: stainless steel (noun U)
- a soft, heavy grey metal used in pipes and roofs: lead (noun U)
- a soft whitish metal that is often mixed with other metals: tin (noun U)
- a light silver-coloured metal that is used for making cooking pots, etc: aluminium (AmE aluminum)(noun U)
- a heavy silver-coloured metal that is usually in liquid form: mercury (noun U)
- a radioactive metal which can be used to produce nuclear energy: uranium (noun U)
- a metal (for example, steel, brass) formed as a mixture of metals: alloy
- rock or earth from which metal can be obtained: ore (noun C/U)
iron ore
- a piece of iron that can attract and pick up iron and steel: magnet
- having the ability to attract iron and steel: magnetic
- the power of magnets to attract: magnetism (noun U)

2 making things from metal
- a workshop where metals are heated and shaped: forge
- a person who works in a forge making and repairing things made of metal, especially horseshoes: blacksmith
- a place where steel is made: steelworks (plural steelworks)
- to heat metal until it becomes soft: melt sth down; adjective: molten
molten iron
- old metal which can be melted down and used again: scrap (metal) (noun U)
They're selling the car for scrap.
- a large enclosed fire which is used for heating water or melting metal: furnace
to heat sth in a furnace
- a place where metal or glass is melted and shaped into objects: foundry
- to join pieces of metal by heating them and pressing them together: weld sth (to/onto sth)
They welded the roof onto the car. to weld two things together
- a person who does the work of welding things: welder
- a soft mixture of metals used for joining harder metals or wires together: solder (noun U)
- to join or mend sth (usually sth small) with solder: solder sth (onto sth)
If the wire breaks you can solder it back together.
※—† some things made of metal
- a block of metal: bar
a gold bar
- a thin straight piece of metal: rod
- a long, thin piece of metal, like string or rope, which is used for carrying electricity, making fences, etc: wire (noun C/U)
a piece of wire a wire fence
- a line of metal rings that are joined together: chain
※ more on wire WIRE
- more on chains LOCK/CHAIN
- rings, necklaces, etc made of precious materials, which you wear for decoration: jewellery (AmE jewelry)(noun U)
※ more on jewellery JEWELLERY
※—† MORE ...
- (used about a metal) to become less bright: tarnish
- the reddish brown substance which forms on the surface of iron, etc, and is caused by the action of air and water: rust (noun U); adjective: rusty
Check the car for rust before you buy it. If you leave your bike outside in the rain, it'll get rusty.
- (used about a metal) to become weak or to be destroyed by chemical action: corrode; to cause a metal to do this: corrode sth; a substance which can corrode sth is corrosive
The tank was corroded by acid leaking from a broken pipe.
- an instrument that is used for detecting metals that are under the ground: metal detector

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