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- a valuable metal used in jewellery: precious metal
- a valuable yellow metal: gold (noun U)
Is that necklace real gold?
- valuable white-grey metals: silver (noun U), platinum (noun U)
a silver braceleta platinum ring
※ gold and silver GOLD/SILVER
※—† people who make and sell jewellery
- a person who makes or sells jewellery: jeweller (AmEjeweler)
- a shop where jewellery is sold: jeweller's (shop), jewellery shop
- someone who makes jewellery, etc out of precious metals: goldsmith, silversmith
※—† MORE ...
- if you put a jewel in a bright light so that it gives out many little flashes of light, it glitters, sparkles
glittering diamonds
- a collection of valuable things - gold, jewels, money, etc: treasure (noun U)
a treasure hunter (= a person who goes looking for treasure)


see also CLOTHES

- rings, necklaces, etc made of precious materials, that you wear for decoration: jewellery (AmE jewelry)(noun U)
She always wears the most beautiful jewellery! a piece of jewellery
- a band of metal that you wear on your finger: ring
a diamond ring
- a ring that a woman wears to show that she has promised to marry sb: engagement ring
- a gold ring that women or men wear when they are married: wedding ring
- the third finger, usually of your left hand: ring finger
- a piece of jewellery that you wear around your neck: necklace
- a necklace made of tiny rings of metal linked together: chain
a thin gold chain
- a necklace made of beads (= small balls of glass, wood, plastic, etc): beads (noun plural), string of beads
- an ornament that you wear on a chain round your neck: pendant
- a piece of jewellery that you wear in your ears: earring
a pair of earrings
- to make a hole in sth with a sharp point: pierce sth
earrings for pierced ears
- a piece of jewellery that you wear round your wrist or arm: bracelet
- a bracelet which is a ring of solid metal, plastic, wood etc: bangle
- a piece of jewellery with a pin on the back, that women wear on a dress, blouse or jacket: brooch
- a piece of jewellery with a pin which men wear on their ties: tiepin
※—† what jewellery is made of
- any valuable stone used in jewellery: jewel, precious stone
very hard and white a diamond
bright green an emerald
bright red a ruby
deep blue a sapphire
white and round and found in the shell of an oyster (= a kind of shellfish) a pearl
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