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see also MEAL, PARTY
- to ask sb to come to sth (for example a party or a meal or to your house): invite sb (to/for sth), ask sb (to sth); noun (U): invitation
She invited me to go for a drink with her. They've invited us for dinner on Saturday. They forgot to ask Bob to the wedding. a letter of invitation
- to ask sb to do sth with you: invite sb to do sth
We've been invited to join them for a game of tennis.
- a written or spoken request to come to a party, etc: invitation, (informal) invite
a wedding invitation Haven't you sent out the invitations yet? I've got an invite to the party.
- to ask sb to come to your house: ask sb over/round, invite sb over/round
Why don't we ask them over?
- to have sb as a guest at your house: have sb over/round
I had them round for a meal at the weekend.
- to ask sb to come back to your house (after going somewhere else with them): ask sb back, invite sb back
Shall we invite them back for a coffee after the film?
- to ask sb to come into your house: ask sb in, invite sb in
Aren't you going to invite me in?
- to ask sb to come with you somewhere: ask sb along, invite sb along
I hope you don't mind if I invite Max along.
- to take sb with you to a place: bring* sb along
Why don't you bring him along?
- to ask sb to go out with you as your guest: ask sb out, invite sb out
He's so shy, I thought he'd never ask her out.
- to take sb somewhere as your guest: take* sb out
Let me take you out for a meal.
- a person who has been invited to a house, party, etc: guest
- a man/woman who has invited people to his/her house: host/hostess
I still haven't met the host.
※—† not invited
- a person who has not been invited is uninvited
an uninvited guest
※ going to a party when you are not invited PARTY
※—† different ways of inviting people
- to invite sb to sth, you can say Can you come (※€¦)? or Would you like to come (※€¦)?
'Can you come round for a meal some time this week?' 'Yes, I'd love to - thanks.' 'Would you like to come to dinner next Saturday?' 'I'm very sorry but I'm afraid I can't. I'm going to the theatre that evening.'
- in a formal written invitation, you can write: (your name) requests the pleasure of sb's company (at ※€¦)
Mr and Mrs Johnson request the pleasure of your company at their daughter's wedding.
※—† replying to an invitation
- to give an answer to an invitation: reply (to sth); noun: reply
Have you replied to the invitation? So far we've only had six replies.
- (written on invitations) please reply: RSVP
- to say yes to an invitation: accept sth; noun (U): acceptance
I'd be pleased to accept your kind invitation.
- to say no to an invitation: turn sth down, refuse sth, (formal) decline (sth); noun: refusal
I can't believe she turned down my invitation! We've had five acceptances and only one refusal.

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