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1 giving help
2 ways of helping people
3 needing help

1 giving help
- to do sth for sb in order to make their work or their life easier: help (sb) (do sth/to do sth), (informal) give*/lend* sb a hand (with sth), (formal) assist (sb) (in/with sth); nouns (U): help, assistance
Can I help? I helped her off the train/across the road/out of the car. Can you give me a hand with my homework? The man is assisting the police with their enquiries. Do you need any help? The policeman thanked him for his assistance.
- giving help: helpful, useful, a help (to sb)
helpful information useful advice You've been a great help.
- not giving much help: unhelpful, not much help, not a lot of help
an unhelpful suggestion The map you gave me wasn't much help - I got lost three times.
- not giving any help at all: useless
A blunt knife is useless. useless advice
- something that helps sb or is useful to sb does* them good
Please take this medicine; it'll do you good. It'll do you good to get out into the country for a bit.
- if you do sth or give sth to sb to help them, you do it for their good
I know you don't want to go into hospital, but it's for your own good. The Prime Minister said he resigned for the good of the country.
- a person who helps: helper
We need some extra helpers if we're going to get all these sandwiches made in time for lunch!
- a person who helps people in their job: assistant; adjective (only before a noun): assistant
Let me introduce my assistant, David. an assistant manager
- a person who is willing to help is helpful, cooperative; opposites: unhelpful, uncooperative
The staff are very helpful. The police were completely unhelpful. His secretary was uncooperative, and she refused to let me see him.
- a person who thinks about what sb needs or wants is thoughtful; opposite: thoughtless
I'm sorry. It was very thoughtless of me.
- if you say or show that you will help sb/sth, you offer sth/to do sth; noun: offer
to offer assistance Nigel offered to give me a lift to the station. Helen accepted his offer of help.
- to make a special effort to help sb: go* out of your way (to do sth), (informal) bend* over backwards (to do sth)
The hotel staff bent over backwards to make our stay as comfortable as possible.
- to do sth for sb, even though it causes you a lot of work or trouble: take* the trouble to do sth
She took the trouble to write letters to everyone to thank them.
- to do sth helpful for sb: do* sth for sb, do* sb a favour, do* sb a good turn
John, can you do me a favour? I need to borrow some money.
- if you do sth to help sb, you do it for sb's sake
We moved to the country for my son's sake.
- when you give sth to sb who has helped you, you repay* sb (for sth)
How can we ever repay you for your kindness?

2 ways of helping people
※—† helping sb to do sth
- to work with sb else to do sth: cooperate with sb, collaborate with sb; nouns (U): cooperation, collaboration
Couldn't we cooperate on this project to save time and money? to work in collaboration with sb
- to help sb to know the right way to do sth: show sb sth
Can you show me how to wire this plug?
- to show sb the way to a place: lead* sb, guide sb, lead* the way
She led them through a maze of narrow streets. He guided us to our seats. Sam led the way and the rest of us followed.
- to explain to sb how to get to a place: direct sb, give* sb directions
Could you direct me to the bus station, please?
- to tell sb what you think they should do: advise sb (to do sth); noun (U): advice
Her doctor advised her to give up smoking. legal advice
※—† helping sb when they are poor, ill, weak, etc
- to give sb help, money, friendship, etc when they need it: support sb; noun (U): support; giving sb support: supportive
I'll always be there to support you. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there to give me support.
- to give sb hope and support to do sth: encourage sb (to do sth); noun (C/U): encouragement
He gave me encouragement to apply for the job.
- to help sb who is in a difficult position: help (sb) out
※ more on support and encouragement SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE
- to help and watch over sb who is ill or weak: take* care of sb, look after sb
John's being taken good care of in hospital. Kevin had to look after the children while his wife was in hospital.
- to try to make sb feel less sad or less worried about sth: comfort sb; a person or a thing that comforts: comfort
Her father was always there to comfort her. The good news was a great comfort to him.
- an organization that sends money, food, clothes, etc to a country or people to help them: charity
- money, food, etc that is sent to a country or people in order to help them: aid (noun U), relief (noun U)
medical aid disaster relief for the flood victims
※ helping sb when they are in danger DANGEROUS
- helping to make sb/sth safe SAFE

3 needing help
- to ask sb to help you: ask sb for help, ask sb a favour, ask a favour of sb
Can I ask you a favour?
- to go to sb to ask them for help, advice, etc: go* to sb (for sth), turn to sb (for sth)
Frank went to the police for help. She had nobody to turn to when her husband left her.
- if you are in a very bad situation and need help from sb else, you are helpless; noun (U): helplessness
We were helpless against the enemy attack. a helpless baby
- if you need sb/sth to support or help you, you depend on sb/sth, you are dependent (on sb/sth); noun (U): dependence (on sb/sth)
He's blind and completely dependent on his dog to guide him round town.
- if you are not supported very well, you are insecure; noun (U): insecurity
The future of the company looks very insecure. feelings of insecurity
※—† not needing help
- if you can do things yourself and do not want or need help, you are independent, self-reliant; nouns (U): independence, self-reliance
Mary wanted to be independent, so she left home and went to live in London.
- to take care of yourself without help: stand* on your own (two) feet
You're always asking for money from your parents: it's about time you learned to stand on your own two feet!
- if you do sth without any other person to help you, you do it on your own, (all) by yourself
She decorated the house on her own. My nephew painted this picture all by himself.
- if you decide to do sth without help from another person, you (informal) go* it alone
After all his friends refused to help him, Hanif decided to go it alone.

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