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1 giving things to people who need them or want to use them
2 giving things to people in order to please them
3 giving things to people who have done good work, etc
4 giving so as to help other people
giving things when you die
see also BORROW/LEND

1 giving things to people who need them or want to use them
- to let sb have sth so that they can look at it, use it or keep it for a time: give* sb sth, give* sth to sb
She refused to give me my passport back.
- to give sth to sb so that they take it in their hand: hand sb sth, hand sth to sb
Can you hand me the screwdriver please?
- to pick sth up and give it to sb: pass sb sth, pass sth (to sb)
Can you pass the ketchup, please?
- to give sth, often sth that you no longer want, without asking for or receiving money in return: give* sth away
When she retired, she gave away all her books.
- to give sth which is needed for some purpose: provide sth
As it is a weekend course, accommodation will be provided.
- to give a person what they need in order to live: provide for sb
He finds it difficult to provide for a large family on a small salary.
- to be able to give sth to sb: spare sth
Can you spare ten pence for a cup of tea?
※ more on providing people with things PROVIDE
※—† giving sth back
- if sb has sth which you own and then they give it to you, they give* it back, hand it back, return it to you
The chairman handed the papers back to the secretary. When must I return these books to the library?
- to be given sth back: get* sth back
- to give back money to sb who has lent it to you: repay* sth
I managed to repay the loan after two months.
※—† giving things to a number of people
- to separate sth into parts and give them to each of a number of people: share sth (out) (among/between people), divide sth (out/up) (among/between people)
We shared out the food between the three of us.
- what each person gets when sth is shared: share
※ more on sharing things DIVIDE
- to give things to a number of people: hand sth out, distribute sth; the act of doing this: distribution (noun C/U)
Please hand these papers out to the rest of the class. I saw somebody distributing leaflets in the street.
※—† giving something and getting something else
- to give or receive sth in return for sth else: swap A (for B) (with sb), (more formal) exchange A (for B) (with sb)
Some people swap houses for a holiday. Can I exchange this sweater if it's the wrong size?
- to give sb (such as an official in the government) money or a gift to persuade them to do sth to help you: bribe sb (to do sth); the money given: bribe; the act of bribing: bribery (noun U)
Gordon tried to bribe the traffic warden not to give him a parking ticket. to offer a bribe to sb to take/accept bribes

2 giving things to people in order to please them
- a thing that you give to sb in order to please them: present, gift
to give sb a present a Christmas/birthday/wedding present There was a free gift in the cornflakes packet.
- to be given sth as a present: get* sth
What did you get for Christmas?
- to ask if sb would like to be given sth: offer sb sth, offer sth to sb
He offered me a cigarette.
- to give sb sth that is very special or enjoyable: treat sb to sth; noun: treat
Go on, treat yourself to a new dress. As a special treat I've arranged a trip to the theatre.
※ more on offering OFFER
- a person who likes to give a lot of presents, money, help, etc is generous (adverb generously); opposite: mean
Please give generously. It was mean of him not to offer to pay for your taxi.
- to give too much to sb or do too much for sb, especially a child, so that you have a bad effect on their character: spoil sb
a spoilt child

3 giving things to people who have done good work, etc
- money given in return for helping the police, finding sth that was lost, etc: reward; to give a reward: reward sb (for sth)
We were given a day's holiday as a reward for working so hard.
- something that is given to sb who is successful in a competition, etc: prize
I won first prize in the competition.
- to give sth officially to sb as a prize, payment, etc: award sth (to sb); something that is given in this way: award
The Nobel prizes are awarded every year in Stockholm. The policewomen received awards for bravery.
- to give sth to sb formally or publicly: present sb with sth, present sth to sb
The dancers were presented with flowers at the end of the show.
- a formal ceremony at which a prize, etc is given: presentation

4 giving so as to help other people
- to give money or other things to a particular cause: give* sth (to sth), contribute sth (to sth), (more formal) donate sth (to sth)
to give money to a good cause
- the money, etc that is given: contribution, donation
to make a donation
- a person who gives (some of) the money, etc that is needed for sth: contributor, donor
- an organization that collects money, etc to help the poor, the sick, etc: charity; the help given in this way: charity (noun U)
OXFAM and Save the Children are well known charities in Britain. We're going on a walk to raise money for charity.

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