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chairs for babies BABY

- a place to sit: seat
the back seat of a car to reserve a seat on a train Are there enough seats for everyone?
- a seat with a back, for one person to sit on: chair
She sat down in her favourite chair. a comfortable chair The chair was very wobbly (= it was not steady on the floor) .
- a chair that you can adjust so that you can lie back in it: reclining seat/chair
There are reclining seats in the front of the car.
- the part of a seat which supports your arm: armrest
- a piece of material that is on the outside of a chair: cover; to put a cover on a chair: cover sth; to put a new cover on a chair: re-cover sth
The sofa has a green cover. The chairs are all covered in blue silk. They're nice chairs, but they need re-covering.
- if you keep a person in a chair by using a belt or strap, you strap them in
Don't forget to strap the baby into the high chair or he'll climb out and fall.
- a belt in a car or on a plane for strapping yourself in: seat belt
Has everyone done up their seat belts?
- a tidy pile of chairs: stack of chairs; to put chairs into a pile: stack sth (up)
Please stack the chairs (up) tidily before you leave the hall.

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