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biological science

the science that studies living organisms
Derivationally related forms:
biologic (for: biology), biological (for: biology), biologist (for: biology)
Members of this Topic:
abaxial, dorsal, adaxial, ventral, antrorse,
retrorse, semiaquatic, subaquatic, subaqueous, submerged, submersed,
underwater, amphibiotic, sessile, stalkless, pedunculate, stalked,
dormant, hibernating, torpid, glabrous, canescent, hoary,
downy, pubescent, puberulent, sericeous, pilous, pilose,
pilary, tomentose, tomentous, tetramerous, binucleate, binuclear,
binucleated, mononuclear, mononucleate, trinucleate, trinuclear, trinucleated,
formative, diurnal, nocturnal, myrmecophilous, symbiotic, free-living,
nonparasitic, nonsymbiotic, vestigial, rudimentary, plumate, plumed,
plumose, acephalous, alpine, homologous, homologic, homological,
heterologous, heterologic, heterological, analogous, cernuous, drooping,
nodding, pendulous, weeping, ventricose, ventricous, in vivo,
male, female, hermaphroditic, hermaphrodite, versatile, epimorphic,
metamorphous, natural, obligate, facultative, persistent, lasting,
caducous, shed, labile, thermolabile, capitate, fissiparous,
lepidote, leprose, scabrous, scaly, scurfy, differentiated,
generalized, generalised, stabile, stomatous, astomatous, mouthless,
geniculate, actinomorphic, actinomorphous, zygomorphic, bilaterally symmetrical, zygomorphous,
sympatric, allopatric, territorial, nonterritorial, compressed, flat,
depressed, uniparous, multiparous, bilocular, biloculate, adnate,
connate, alar, alary, aliform, wing-shaped, bacillar,
bacillary, cellular, extracellular, intercellular, intracellular, cenogenetic,
palingenetic, commensal, generic, mental, monotypic, polydactyl,
polydactylous, urceolate, isomorphous, isomorphic, polymorphic, polymorphous,
nuclear, nucleated, nucleate, ecological, ecologic, bionomical,
bionomic, basophilic, taxonomic, taxonomical, systematic, saprobic,
katharobic, symbiotically, cell, culture, monad, homogeny,
isomorphism, isomorphy, heterology, valence, valency, coarctation,
spindle, meme, cell theory, cell doctrine, theory of evolution, theory of organic evolution,
evolutionism, theory of inheritance, cybernetics, taxonomy, cataplasia, subkingdom,
variety, phylum, subphylum, superphylum, class, subclass,
superclass, order, suborder, superorder, family, superfamily,
form family, subfamily, tribe, genus, subgenus, monotype,
type genus, form genus, species, subspecies, race, form,
variant, strain, var., type, type species, division,
biologist, life scientist, mutant, mutation, variation, sport,
organic phenomenon, dehiscence, pleomorphism, polymorphism, dimorphism, recognition,
life force, vital force, vitality, elan vital, accretion, anisogamy,
apposition, decomposition, rot, rotting, putrefaction, evolution,
organic evolution, phylogeny, phylogenesis, growth, growing, maturation,
development, ontogeny, ontogenesis, intussusception, isogamy, osmosis,
regeneration, reproduction, specialization, specialisation, differentiation, affinity,
phylogenetic relation, uncus, brachium, turgor, activator, medium,
reproduce, procreate, multiply, propagate, vegetate, enucleate,
transform, conjugate, replicate, copy, inhibit
life science, bioscience
biogeography, botany, phytology, cryobiology, cytology,
ecology, bionomics, environmental science, embryology, exobiology, space biology,
astrobiology, forestry, genetics, genetic science, microbiology, molecular biology,
morphology, neurobiology, paleobiology, palaeobiology, physiology, radiobiology,
sociobiology, zoology, zoological science

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