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proceed S3 W3 AC /prəˈsiːd/ BrE AmE verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: proceder, from Latin procedere 'to go forward']
1. formal to continue to do something that has already been planned or started
proceed with
The government was determined to proceed with the election.
Before proceeding further, we must define our terms.
In everyday English, people usually say go ahead rather than proceed:
They decided to go ahead with the project.
2. formal to continue:
Work is proceeding according to plan.
3. proceed to do something to do something after doing something else first – used sometimes to express surprise or annoyance:
Sammy took off his coat and proceeded to undo his boots.
4. [always +adverb/preposition] formal to move in a particular direction
proceed to/towards/into etc
Passengers for Miami should proceed to gate 25.
HINT: Do not confuse with precede (=happen before or go before): the period of illness that preceded his death
proceed against somebody phrasal verb
to begin a legal case against someone
proceed from something phrasal verb
to happen or exist as a result of something:
ideas that proceed from a disturbed state of mind
proceed to something phrasal verb formal
if you proceed to the next part of an activity, job etc, you do or take part in the next part of it SYN go on to:
players who proceed to the finals of the competition

nội động từ
(to proceed to something) tiến lên; đi đến
to proceed to London
đi Luân-đôn
he was allowed to proceed to an MA
anh ta được phép học tiếp để tiến lên học vị thạc sĩ ngữ văn
(to proceed with something) bắt đầu hoặc tiếp tục cái gì
the story proceeds as follows
câu chuyện tiếp diễn như sau
proceed with your work!
cứ làm tiếp việc của anh đi!
let's proceed to the next subject
chúng ta hãy chuyển sang vấn đề tiếp theo
(to proceed from something) xuất phát, bắt nguồn từ
our plan proceeded from the new development of the situation
kế hoạch của chúng ta xuất phát từ sự phát triển mới của tình hình
sobs heard to proceed from the next room
tiếng khóc nghe từ phòng bên đưa lại
(to proceed against somebody) kiện ai, khởi tố ai

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