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Từ điển Tiếng Lóng Anh - American Slang
hook up


1 to meet someone; to meet someone and have sex US, 1986

Jonathan'll take you out and show you what you wanna see, thenwe can all hook up for lunch. "€” A Few Good Men, 1992

Like I care about your shit. Maybe I'll hook up myself. "€” Chasing Amy,

He's already called me to hook up. "€” Cruel Intentions, 1999

However, hooking up also refers to a spectrum of behavior, fromhanging out to make out to having sex. "€” Rosalind Wiseman , Queen Bees
& Wannabes, p. 236, 2002

"€œIt's kind of annoying when you get too drunk to remember theguy's name the morning after you hook up or whatever." "€” Marty
Beckerman, Generation S.L.U.T., p. 17, 2004
2 to work in partnership US, 1996

Many punks "€œhook up" in protective pairing rel ationships, stayingwith one jocker in exchange for protection. "€” Corrections To d a y, p. 100,
December 1996
3 to arm yourself US, 1973

The three men were hooked up and wore their guns police style."€” A.S. Jackson, Gentleman Pimp, p. 123, 1973
4 to provide US, 1993

Na man, c'mon, hook me up just this once. "€” Menace II Society, 1993

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