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hero W3 /ˈhɪərəʊ $ ˈhɪroʊ/ noun (plural heroes) [COUNTABLE]
[date : 1500-1600; Language : Latin; Origin : heros, from Greek]
1. a man who is admired for doing something extremely brave ⇨ heroine:
  ▪ He had dared to speak out against injustice, and overnight he became a national hero.
  ▪ His father was a war hero, a former fighter pilot.
  ▪ the unsung heroes who drove convoys of aid to Bosnia
hero of
  ▪ a hero of the Great War
  ▪ A man hailed as a hero for 50 years has been unmasked as a traitor.

2. the man or boy who is the main character in a book, film, play etc ⇨ heroine
hero of
  ▪ Phileas Fogg, hero of Jules Verne’s ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’

3. a man who is admired very much for a particular skill or quality ⇨ heroine
sb’s hero
  ▪ When I was small, Uncle Fred was my hero.
hero of
  ▪ Einstein is the hero of those who explore science at its deepest level.

4. American English a long thin sandwich filled with meat, cheese etc
• • •
COLLOCATIONS (for Meanings 1 & 3)
a real/true hero
  ▪ The real heroes were the guys who fought in the front lines.
a great hero
  ▪ He finally got to meet his great hero, the Brazilian footballer, Pele.
a national hero
  ▪ They regard Aung San as a national hero and martyr.
a local hero
  ▪ Richards was a local hero, a star of the football club.
a popular hero (=someone whom many people admire)
  ▪ Ross was an arctic explorer and popular hero.
a cult hero (=someone who a particular group of people admire)
  ▪ He became a cult hero among surfers.
a war hero (=a soldier who was very brave in a war)
  ▪ Coming home, he was hailed as a war hero.
an unsung hero (=someone whose bravery or effort is not noticed or recognized)
  ▪ These volunteers are the unsung heroes of the campaign.
an unlikely hero (=someone who you did not expect to be brave or did not expect to admire )
  ▪ Baxter was the unlikely hero of the game.
a sporting hero (=someone who people admire in a sport)
  ▪ Tiger Woods was his sporting hero.
a folk hero (=an ordinary person who does something brave and becomes a hero in a particular place)
  ▪ Cesar Chavez has folk hero status in the Latino community.
an accidental hero (=someone who becomes a hero by chance)
  ▪ He became an accidental hero after discovering the injured child while out walking.
a conquering hero (=someone who has defeated someone else)
  ▪ Team members were greeted like conquering heroes on their return.
sb’s boyhood/childhood hero (=someone who was your hero when you were a boy/child)
  ▪ McEnroe had been one of his boyhood heroes.
become a hero
  ▪ He became a national hero for his part in the war.
be hailed (as) a hero (=people say you are a hero)
  ▪ He was hailed a hero after saving the young girl’s life.
get/be given a hero’s welcome (=be treated as a hero when you arrive somewhere)
  ▪ The team were given a hero’s welcome when they returned to the city.

a war hero
At home he was hailed as a war hero.
die a hero/rich man etc
He died a hero on the battlefield.
folk hero
Casey Jones is an American folk hero.
hailed a hero
A young man is being hailed a hero tonight after rescuing two children.
hero worship
tragic hero (=the main person in a tragedy)
unsung heroes
one of the unsung heroes of French politics
Just the kind of marginal folk hero they would go and use as a mascot.
When Finubar returned to Ulthuan he was hailed as a great hero.
And indeed for a time Patroclus fought as gloriously as that great hero himself could have done.
The Warden of the City is the great Elven hero Eltharion.
He was a personage of quite another order from the great hero of Athens, Theseus.
His chief councillor and military leader was William of Toulouse, one of the great Frankish heroes.
The great Athenian hero was Theseus.
I no longer cared about seeing the film, though it was to be the last with my great hero Sean Connery.
With their behavior toward Mr Cengic, they have made him an even greater hero of his country.
In my section I had one of my local heroes, Tony Scott, about four or five pegs away.
The subjects of Wuerttemberg felt terrible, for they considered the count a local hero.
Because you're a local hero to her.
Hill had established himself as a local hero and also as something of an eccentric.
He has a real medal chance so if Henley wants a local hero it's time to pay up.
The firefighters have become local heroes for their search and rescue efforts after the blast.
He was a national hero and now he had the leverage to change golf.
His exploits on the Colorado River had made him a national hero, the most celebrated adventurer since Lewis and Clark.
This boy is a celebrity here, a national hero.
Brave, adventurous, single-minded, he died a national hero.
Charismatic, charming, he'd become a national hero.
At Silverstone, Hunt was the national hero.
Punjabis are now with the police, and Mr Gill is a national hero.
Yet Lowry was a popular hero who, when he died in 1977, was the most famous painter in Britain.
Farmers squealed that the popular porcine hero fueled a drop in pork sales as children boycotted Babe on a platter.
Inventors like Edison, Westinghouse, and Bell were popular heroes, to be emulated by younger men.
There is no more popular hero than Hercules.
Maybe you'd know how to act if you had some more positive role models and some real heroes in your life.
Jim Magilton was made man of the match but for many United fans new keeper Phil Whitehead was the real hero.
Not Margarita, one of the real heroes of the book.
But my real hero was Victor de Sabata.
Their fantasy helps when the kids start thinking the wrestlers are heroes and the wrestlers become something like real heroes.
Stuntmen and stand-ins are the real heroes.
Party chairman Chris Patten, the tragic hero of the hour, arrived shortly after 11.00 for a lengthy post-mortem.
Sentimental comedy possesses several characteristics that are incompatible with the classic concept of tragedy and the tragic hero.
But Laker, like all tragic heroes, had his fatal flaw, hubris.
In most cases the pesme sing of tragic heroes who met violent deaths, martyrs to the national cause.
The ground crews within the Army Air Corps are generally the unsung heroes behind everything we do.
Tonight we meet some of the unsung heroes of Inspector Morse - the extras.
This country is full of unsung heroes.
Jimmy Wilde - one of the great unsung heroes of Crystal Palace, until today!
They were the unsung heroes of the whole appeal.
Les Stocker is another unsung hero in the Honours List.
They indicate that the big lad from West Birk Hatt is probably one of the finest unsung heroes of the last war.
Instead of portraying a puffy-faced old tyrant, Picasso had drawn a young hero.
The guards hear him knocking and shouting but then our young hero comes back.
Thousands of Keen disks were ordered last month by EGA/VGA users proving the undying popularity of this loveable, young, hero.
Just ask Scratchman, the goofy action hero who crusades for truth, justice and the Texas Lottery.
As an action hero, Fletcher fails miserably in this endeavor.
What right had I to tarnish the reputation of an acknowledged war hero and needlessly distress his family?
Stewart was viewed in Washington as something of a war hero.
I keep forgetting he's a war hero.
Then the war heroes came back home and bumped Lucky out ofhis place at the livery.
The ex-hunter, aviator and war hero, Tom Fairfax, who was her lover, is approaching in his biplane.
We were both war heroes, and both of us had just been elected to Congress.
Sometimes there were famous guests: heavyweight boxers, film actresses, war heroes, prime ministers.
Local Republicans figured a wounded war hero would be a natural political candidate.
He had a tendency toward hero worship and often gushed embarrassingly in correspondence with his heroes.
And it wasn't all hero worship.
He became a hero when he rescued a number of people from a blazing house fire.
The traditional outcast or pariah becomes the hero in this new age.
Instead he became a national hero who enjoyed a long life ... and who died with dignity.
By accident Jack became a hero, but maybe that was his nature, anyway.
The governor became a hero to many of his staff and prisoners, including the one slashed.
The Iron Man is befriended by a young child and in the end, becomes a hero.
So when Calley was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, he became a hero overnight.
Sometimes I lie here and wonder how you ever became a hero.
When Finubar returned to Ulthuan he was hailed as a great hero.
Rodgers, hailed none the less as a hero in papers across the country, was renowned for being taciturn.
So you want to play the hero?
Hoffman plays a reluctant hero who disappears after rescuing plane crash survivors.
Sir Anthony Hopkins says it's a privilege to play a romantic hero at 55.
He was in his element playing doomed heroes and dandies, neurotics and aesthetes.
You know now not to play the hero, don't you?
Conway returned home, hailed as a hero of the war.
Hamlet is Shakespeare's most famous tragic hero.
In cinema, the hero always got the girl and the bad guy was always punished.
Indiana Jones is the hero of the film.
Shakespeare's best-known tragic hero is probably Hamlet.
sports heroes
The hero of the story is a young soldier.
Who was the hero of "The Catcher in the Rye"?
Because Masten was his hero, he was a little nervous.
Defense attorney Ana Ortiz, who referred to her client as Billyjack, said he is a hero by any name.
Here we have the concept of the maverick, the hero innovator, the streetwise entrepreneur, that several speakers have described.
His legend, like the stories of most heroes, begins badly.
It is counterproductive to be derogatory about hairstyle, clothing, or current countercultural heroes.
One is that the shelf life of heroes is short.
Racing drivers appear to be larger-than-life heroes.

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